CLINTON — A mid-day traffic stop Nov. 26 ended with Clinton Police taking a man into custody who was wanted by California authorities for attempted murder and additional charges.

Arrested in connection was Mark Andrew Kerns, 50. Kerns presented an Arkansas ID card which listed a Marble Falls, Arkansas address. Kern’s California driver’s license, which was listed as expired, showed an Empire, California address.

According to the police report, an officer was running radar on Highway 65 when Kerns drove past in a red pickup truck at 61 mph. The officer pulled the car over, stopping on E. James Street just off the highway. The truck had a California license plate.

Kerns handed over his Arkansas ID card, telling the officer he did not have his California driver’s license with him, but gave the officer its number. He “begged” the officer not to ticket him, the report stated.

When the officer called in Kerns’ information to county dispatch, he received a call back asking if his radio was secure. When the officer said it was secure, dispatch told him Kerns’ California license was expired, and he had “valid, active felony warrants from that state for “attempted murder, assault with firearm on a person, and aggravated mayhem.” Dispatch also told the officer that Kerns had “a felony warrant out of the State of Washington,” per the report.

A second officer arrived and “at gunpoint” per the report, Kerns was arrested. As the officer brought Kerns to his patrol car and put him in the back seat, Kerns told the officer “he had a bag of meth in his wallet,” which was on the front seat of his pickup.

Officers searched the truck and found the wallet, inside a “clear plastic bag containing what appeared to be a clear/white crystalline like substance” in it, as well as $750.

The pickup was impounded and Kerns was taken to the Van Buren County Detention Center. Online records show as of Nov. 29 Kerns remained in the detention center and no bond has been set.

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