A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Jennifer Lacroix, 45, of Heber Springs, charging her with leaving the scene of an accident causing personal injury or death, a class D felony.

The warrant stems from an incident on June 29 at Miller Creek Bridge when a man told Batesville police that he was struck by a vehicle.

According to the affidavit, Ernest Burris told Officer Jordan Akins that he was walking north on the northbound side of the roadway when he was struck by a vehicle that was also traveling north.

Akins noted in his report that Burris was complaining of pain in his left arm and chest area and would eventually be taken to White River Medical Center for treatment. Burris did offer a description of the vehicle, a Toyota Tundra.

A vehicle matching that description was located at Economy Inn at 2220 E. Main in Batesville, according to the affidavit, a Toyota Tundra “with front end damage and the passenger-side mirror folded back causing a dent underneath it.”

Sergeant Shane Hightower, who spotted the truck in the parking lot of the motel, made contact with the truck’s owner, Christopher Williams, who stated that he had not driven the truck that day.

Lacroix was also in the room and admitted to driving the vehicle earlier in the day, “but not recently.”

Investigators Freddie Friar and Dillon Salas along with Lieutenant John Scarbrough then arrived and began inspecting the vehicle.

When officers popped the hood and inspected the engine, they noticed that “the radiator hose was still hot,” according to the report.

They also noted a “medium-sized dent on the front of the right front quarter panel (fender).

The passenger mirror had been struck with enough force to cause it to fold back, striking the vehicle, causing a dent.”

The report also stated that camera footage from two different businesses confirmed that the truck was in the area within the time frame of the incident.

The report also states that the victim identified Lacroix from a photo lineup of “five other white females having similar characteristics.”

Lacroix was not in custody as of Monday.

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