Here I sit at 2 a.m. writing this column for Friday’s paper, and finding it difficult to find something to write about. It’s been a pretty busy month so far and as you read this is will be April 5. What does that tell you? When did our lives become so busy? I swear I meet myself coming and going sometimes and it makes me dizzy. Kinda like when my grandson, Holden, and I facetime and he runs with the phone in his hand (which means I am looking at the ceiling or the floor). I lack about an hour having worked 40 hours this week and still have four days in the week. Can you say BUSY? Although I have put a massive amount of time in, I’m still behind. In addition to the normal two papers a week I have to put out, I am working on the magazine scheduled to come out this month.

The magazine feature story is one I started thinking about several months ago. It is about our area Fire Departments and their Fire Chiefs. Through quite a bit of effort and a little help from Fire Chief Jason Robitaille, I have managed to talk with all but two of the Fire Chiefs about their departments. Whether you actually realize it or not, almost all of the Fire Departments are volunteer. Now, you may be thinking, “Yes, I knew that.” But did you ever really stop and think about what that means? Unless you have actually had a fire or an accident that caused them to be called, I’d be willing to bet you haven’t given it a whole lot of thought. Even though I’ve had a house fire, I can say I really didn’t give it a whole lot of thought myself. Until, The Other Side gym caught fire. Many of you know I was second on scene at that fire, mostly because of the live videos I was putting on FaceBook. That whole afternoon/evening was something I will never forget. The sheer number of departments and firefighters that showed up was amazing. Even more so, though, was the fact that with all those different departments, with different hierarchies and power divisions, I witnessed absolutely NO egos involved. That to me, is unbelievable. That night began a seed in my head about what these men and women do for our communities, with little or no pay, (and I would guess, little appreciation).

Since that night, I have made it a point to go to several calls and trainings to help you, my readers see just what these men and women do for you. They risk their lives, give up time with their families, miss work, asking nothing in return to help others. It’s amazing watching these men and women work together for a common cause. Most, if not all, shy away from the spotlight (and this editor-but I’m persistent). This is a story that I felt needed to be told. I intend to tell it, with their help. Some of them, once cornered (in a manner of speaking) opened up to me with stories of their lives and departments. I’m hoping to finish up their stories this week so we can get this magazine put to bed. I hope that the community reads this and has an epiphany. Then, I hope they thank these men and women who unselfishly do so much for our community.

Until  next time...