Almost exactly one year ago Donald Trump took the oath of office as our 45th President and began one of the most historic administrations in recent history.  Like him or not, we’ll all remember his term of office.  During his first year as President he’s done a number of things to shake up the establishment on both sides of the aisle and his approach is a reflection of his origins as a native businessman from New York City!  He’s revealed himself to be a man of many parts.  A description of Trump has to include the following: tactician, negotiator, arrogant, brash, compassionate, businessman, entrepreneur, showman, tweeter, religious, resourceful, proud, vain, tough, patriotic, energetic, intelligent, thick skinned and thin skinned as well as an impatient no-nonsense leader. I’m sure you can add your own descriptive characteristic to the list. He arrived with a well publicized agenda to redirect the country in a more positive direction and he intends to do it. He embodies what people love and hate about Northerners but, one thing he’s not is a Washington DC insider!  The big question is: Has he accomplished anything productive in his 1st year as President?

      The list is long and this column is limited in size. Although some will question Trump’s role in the following accomplishments, the fact is they’re occurring on his watch.  Let’s review the past year with a few one-liners:

* Wall Street:  Despite gloom and doom predictions from Democrats, it’s been on a roll since Election Day with record after record of positive growth reversing recent years of lackluster performance!

*  Jobs:  The lowest level of unemployment seen since 2000 has taken place across the board – White, Black, Hispanic are all doing well with Blacks at a record low since statistics began in 1972!  

* Regulations:  A large part of the stock market boom is a reflection of Trump’s determination to promote jobs by cutting red tape and unnecessary regulations from the last administration’s micro-management which choked businesses – one of his campaign promises.

* ISIS: After Trump removed the political restrictions on the military, we’re seeing an almost complete pushback and dismantling of ISIS accompanied by strong compliments for Trump from allied commanders as well as our own military.

* Tax Relief:  Although the jury is out on whether the tax package will affect the economy in a productive way, we’ve already seen a number of positive results from industry in the form of employee bonuses and wage increases from a growing list of major corporations along with a push to reinvest in America.

* Climate Change:  Merely by pulling out of the Paris accords, Trump saved billions of dollars we can’t afford for an unproven concept that primarily enriches promoters like Al Gore and his associates. 

* Fake Media:  In their blind attempts to tar Trump, the mainstream media have exposed themselves as strongly partisan supporters of the Democrats as they willingly sacrificed their credibility as reporters to become opinionated talking heads who belong in the tabloids rather than legitimate news organizations.

* Dark State: Just like the media, the Justice Department and the FBI were revealed to be flawed organizations whose illegal actions in trying to undermine the President actually exposed themselves and brought the Dark State into the public eye.

* North Korea: Bill Clinton gave them equipment, heavy oil, financing and know-how while Obama showed us to be a paper tiger until they were confronted by Trump who received congratulations from the South Korean President for his savvy leadership.

* VA:  Even left leaning NPR admitted that Trump has been a mover and shaker in getting the VA problems resolved by replacing management while pushing improvements through congress.

* Illegals:  Democrats (Conyers and others) agreed that the numbers of illegals entering the country had declined to a nearly 50 year low under Trump as he beefed up the ICE and removed their handcuffs politically placed by the prior administration.

* Energy:  The Keystone pipeline, offshore drilling, opening up the massive Alaskan reserves and the re-energizing of the coal industry all benefited from Trump’s determination to improve our energy independence while jump starting the economy.

* Judicial:  In addition to appointing a highly qualified jurist, Neil Gorsuch, to the Supreme Court he’s also nominated more judges in his 1st year than his 3 predecessors, Obama, Bush and Clinton while the Democrats have pulled out all stops to obstruct and slow the process.

    Those are a few of Trump’s 1st year accomplishments designed to MAGA (Make America Great Again).  He’s done it despite constant criticism, attacks, sniping, disparaging personal comments, judicial roadblocks and threats by the national media, Democrats and their supporters in the entertainment industry.  The normal person would have caved in or thrown their hands up in disgust because no President in the past 75 years has ever encountered the level of incivility and profanity that he and his family have suffered.  Fortunately, Trump is made of stronger stuff and he just digs in, fights back confounding his critics.  He doesn’t need the job and he isn’t beholden to anyone in Washington – a True Outsider!  His salary is donated to charity each quarter and he’s proven numerous times his respect for the military, the police and our flag.  A welcome and positive change from the previous administration!  I’d grade him an A- for his 1st year in office.

End of rant.  Have a blessed day.