Dear Editor,

I was frustrated this week. While recently in Florida, my 2002 Lexus had been stolen but eventually returned to me by the Sunshine State authorities. Unfortunately, the "programmed" car key was missing and all I had to start the car was a secondary key, a tool of quite limited usage. 

The F L Davis store in Heber Springs had made a car key for me before.  I explained my situation, and checkout clerk "Debbie" and a staff member called "Jay" both eagerly tackled my little project. This required them to attempt some lock/security magic outside in my car, and it was one of those bitterly cold mornings.

As it turned out, my car's computerization had run amok and needs to go to the dealer in order to get a new key to work correctly. But the F L Davis folks had cheerfully spent at least twenty minutes  trying to solve my problem...  and when I tried to tip them for giving it such a good try, they would not let me.

All I could do was to promise to return to their store for my housewares and home-project needs.   But thanks again, good folks Debbie and  Jay!

Jeff Craddock

Heber Springs