The State of the Union speech presented by President Trump on January 30th covered most of the bases which concern Americans today.  It was a positive, Can-Do message which portrayed a bright future for our country after a lengthy period of just easing along with our heads barely above water.  We’ve weathered a series of storms over the past 16 years and the President, who sees the light at the end of the tunnel, was warmly received by a substantial majority of the country.  His comments were supported by the evidence of victories over ISIS, better trade deals and positive economic news.  Over-all, it provided us with a good feeling that our country is finally picking itself up and moving in the right direction again.  As an astute businessman, Trump is a professional problem solver and he doesn’t shy away from difficult decisions.  To his credit, Trump’s rosy picture didn’t ignore the problems we’re facing.  He listed them and then publicly committed to finding solutions which would be beneficial to the greatest number of Americans.  He showed leadership!

     Our country is primarily a 2 party system accompanied by splinter groups that cater to smaller ideologies.  This normally results in a solid balance of opinions and views.  Unfortunately, as the cameras panned over the elected representatives gathered for his speech, we saw the body language and facial expressions on the left side of the aisle, the Democrats, showing emotions ranging from indifference to disgust and hate.  Not a positive omen when the President and the times call for the unity and bi-partisanship necessary to solve problems.  Many of the Democrats along with one Supreme Court justice (Ginsberg) boycotted and refused to attend.  Those members of the Black Caucus who grudgingly showed up, sat stony faced even while Trump spoke of record setting positive numbers for black and Hispanic employment.  The Democrats voted against the tax package in a bloc and then ridiculed the positive outcomes for many of their constituents.  They also showed themselves to be anti-Christian when they again voted almost unanimously to continue late-term abortion coldly killing, in more than a few cases, children who could have survived.  Depressing!    

     The view of the Democrats as the cameras panned the hall reminded me of a group of petulant children having a hissy fit because they didn’t get what they demanded.  It was a fitting image of the Democrats’ today – the party of exclusion, negativity and profane frustration at Hillary’s loss.  Don’t publicly say you’re a Christian who opposes abortion and expect to be welcomed as a member or representative of the Democrats – You no longer fit their agenda.  Instead, they embrace ANTIFA, BLM, Planned Parenthood, anti-police, rioting, Hollywood elitists and those who can’t quite decide which of the 30+ genders they are today and which bathroom they plan to use!  Their party has pushed away their once core group of middle income blue collar workers in order to embrace the fringes of our society including those who elect to violently break the law rather than to lobby peacefully for change within the system.  Disgusting!

     The Democrats’ rebuttal to the State of the Union speech was given by a wealthy elitist who rambled on in a disorderly fashion stressing nothing but negative views while rarely addressing Trump’s speech.  His small partisan audience applauded on cue even when the facts promoted were patently false (Falls River, MA was not ‘built’ by immigrants)!  They ignored the fact that he and his family were the focus and symbols of his own tirade!  I had hoped to see the Democrats’ vision of the future but, received nothing other than a world full of negativity.  Their 2018 platform can be summed up simply - ‘We Hate Trump’!  Disappointing!

As a Conservative Republican, I hate to see the fragmentation of the Democrats because I believe a 2 party system is healthy for our country.  We need a loyal opposition to cross pollinate our government with different approaches to problems.  We need their experience, intelligence and support in creating the bright future which can only be reached with a bridge of communication between the major parties.  However, we Don’t need a party in an emotional meltdown that can’t move on from past defeats. Frustrating!

     Look at the Democrats’ support for everything negative in this country!  The Women’s march was thinly disguised as an anti-Trump protest and the attendees couldn’t even tell reporters what they were there for!   Marching with obscene and profane signs and dressed as human genitalia does not encourage me to join their party nor does it accomplish or solve anything other than to create more discontent in our society.  BLM and ATIFA ignore the problems within their own groups while causing civil disruptions and destruction that solve what?  Nothing!  Yet, the Democrats’ leaders and members openly support them.  When I look at the Democrats today I see problems – Not problem solving! 

     I know we have neighbors and residents in Cleburne County who are loyal Democrats.  I would be interested to hear from them to find out about their party and their views.  For instance:  1) Are they happy with their national leaders?  2)  Do they agree with their views on Immigration, Abortion, BLM, ANTIFA etc.  3)  What would they like their party to change?  I’ve asked before but, still haven’t received a response.  Speak Up!  We need you and your Party!

End of rant.  Have a blessed day.

(Mike Bertalot is a Quitman resident and contributes 'With a Grain of Salt' biweekly to The Sun Times.  He can be reached at