Dear Editor,

Currently, Arkansas places the responsibility of having adequate sewer systems in rural communities on homeowners. This difficult responsibility has caused many rural homeowners to dispose of waste directly into the ground they live on. This unsanitary disposal of waste causes health and legal issues that Arkansas homeowners cannot escape from. Possible solutions to solve this massive issue that devastates the lives of citizens all over Arkansas are to have private donors, the cities, or the state provide the needed funds to install and repair sewer systems.

Due to the difficulty of finding generous private donors, and the lack of rural cities’ funds, the most viable solution would be to have the state provide the needed funds to renovate and install sewer systems. In order to find this funding, the state could implement a temporary increase in taxes for sewer systems. The tax for the state as a whole would take the burden of paying for an entire sewer system away from the homeowner. The tax increase would not have to be as large because the increase in business and economic growth would repay some of the initial debt. This would compound over time and ultimately make Arkansas a more economically advanced state.

If the state of Arkansas were to fund the installation and renovation of sewer systems, matters of disease, legal consequences, and unjust expenses placed on homeowners could be avoided entirely. The state needs to take care of its citizens by building and improving Arkansas’ infrastructure.


Taylor Compton