The last couple of weeks my column has been about some serious (in my opinion anyway) issues that I think have contributed to much of the problems in our country today. I have received some awesome feedback from you my readers and I can’t begin to tell you how much that means to me.

Being an opinion columnist is something that can, at times, cause people to get angry, cause people to laugh out loud and sometimes, even to cry. I have strived over the years I’ve been writing this column (it was four years ago I started) to avoid the usual political rants that many columnists do. I like to say this column is just about my crazy insane life and my view of it. Which, let there be no misunderstanding, it is. There are, however, times when due to outside influences I just have to address current events and issues. One thing you can be sure of in this column, is that I don’t have any political agenda. I just call it like I see it. You don’t have to agree with me or even like me, but hopefully you might look at an issue in a different way.

Some people are just stuck in their beliefs and refuse to look at an issue from anyone else’s perspective. To me, that never helps anyone. Something I have always felt America used to be great at, is acceptance of that which is different. But, since the days of political correctness we have become a nation that is less tolerant and more judgemental. Frankly, that doesn’t help anyone and it certainly doesn’t help our nation as a whole. There was a time when diversity was welcomed. Immigrants that came to the U.S. kept the flavor of their culture while blending into ours. America was known as “the melting pot”. We would not be the nation we are without immigrants that have came over and call our nation home now. When did we stop welcoming others to be a part of this great nation?

There has been such am movement of hate in our country that is downright scary. There doesn’t seem to be a sense of responsibility for your own actions anymore. It is always someone else’s fault or worse some inanimate objects fault (i.e. blaming guns for people killing people). We also have begun to “shoot the messenger” (figuratively speaking) when someone doesn’t like what they say. Our country was founded on the belief of free speech. Our forefathers believed that healthy debate was only possible with free speech. We are all entitled to our opinions. Although, in honesty, I have received letters that pretty much stated I wasn’t allowed to have one. People who believe that me, or anyone else, aren’t allowed to voice their own opinion are going against what our forefathers stated in the First Amendment. Having said that I am talking about opinion columns and such. The news itself should not contain our opinions, it should be “just the facts, Jack”. Sometimes the facts  are ugly and that is not an area that is up for debate. The facts are what they are sometimes.

Today’s national media is often criticized (and rightly so, in my opinion) because of sometimes obvious bias. That is an area that responsible journalists should work hard to change. It is not easy to be unbiased, but it is achievable. Just because you don’t agree with someone or something, a journalist should give the people the facts as reported and then people can develop their own opinions on issues.

As we announce the different governmental races that are happening this year I will strive to give all candidates fair coverage so that you, the reader, can make your own choices of who you will support.

Until next time...