Last Friday I was on my way home and noticed something going on at the Cleburne County Courthouse. I was like, wait a minute, I didn’t have anything on my schedule that was going on at the Courthouse. So I went over to check it out. Low and behold there was a prayer vigil happening for The CALL. Now if you don’t know what The CALL is it is an organization dedicated to helping foster kids and families.

There were probably between 50-60 people (possibly more-I didn’t actually count heads) present to show support and to pray for The CALL and their efforts to help foster kids. Leading a time of praise and worship were Shane Parish, Andrea Riggs and Taylor Tubbs. Following this our very own Cleburne County Judge Jerry Holmes spoke welcoming everyone and sharing his personal testimony. Sometimes when you don’t know someone very well and you hear their moving testimony of what God has done in their lives it can really change the way you think of them. Knowing someone’s history can sure give an insight into them I think. It’s like the old saying about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.

How often do we meet someone and make snap judgments about them before even trying to get to know them? Or even when you work day in and day out with someone, you may not always know them. As humans we sometimes hide our real selves. We may do this because of low self esteem, shame or a feeling of not being good enough or that people won’t like the real us. Or we may have this personna we put forward that comes from the opposite, a feeling of superiority that we are better than others. In actuality it may just be an image of who we are. God doesn’t want us to be fakes. He wants us to be the person he created us to be. I can tell you when you get the peace from Him in your heart about who you are it can be a very freeing thing.

Being who you are meant to be is something that comes with a support system that allows that, a family that says “Hey, we love you just like you are!” Foster kids especially need that kind of love! Many times kids in foster care sometimes think they’re problems are their fault, when they are not. Kids shouldn’t be expected to deal with adult situations because, for whatever reason, their parent/s can’t. These kids should be loved. Not ridiculed or forgotten.  The CALL works hard to give the support system to all involved with the system. Most of all they want to be there for these kids.

It takes a lot of love, patience, time and money to do what they do and from what I’ve seen The CALL has at least three of those taken care of. The money is where we come in. Help support The CALL and make a point to go to City Gate Church and see the Heart Gallery on display.

Until next time...