Government, business, sports and the military all share the same basic requirement – Teamwork!  If you don’t have a team effort you rarely achieve a high level of success in whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. If the team either lacks chemistry, a clearly defined goal or a weak leader that doesn’t have the support of their team members, the result is usually chaos and failure.  Once this happens, the new goal becomes the ‘blame game’ which is Never productive for anyone.

     The only way to prevent or minimize the failure of a group to achieve a common objective is through sound leadership.  Leaders come in all sizes, shapes and backgrounds.  Their personalities vary with the purpose of their role.  Touchy-feely may be fine in some areas but, that approach quickly fails when the team is poorly chosen or if it lacks a well defined goal or strong leadership.  A true leader must recognize the talents or lack of talent within their group and take appropriate and timely steps to team build.  If the personalities of the team members are in conflict or are rebelling against the leader the problem becomes huge.  In sports, managers are hired and fired based upon their team’s performance.  The same is usually true in business and most other endeavors.  The exceptions usually appear in unions and government where poor performers are protected to the point where they frequently overstay their welcome until they finally retire after inflicting their damage on their department.  Think of the work groups you’ve been a member of and which members were always speed bumps in the path of progress or whose attitudes poisoned the group’s morale. Didn’t you question management’s awareness or interest in fixing the problem? 

     In both government and sports, when your team fails to perform as expected you fire the leader or vote them out because as Harry Truman said, “The Buck Stops Here”!  Business leaders are fired by their bosses, boards or stockholders.  Weak leaders sometimes tolerate the situation, minimize it or fail to take corrective action which usually results in a lowering of both morale and production while increasing employee dissatisfaction.  In government, uninformed, misinformed or lazy voters frequently fail to identify the problem so weak or inept leaders accrue seniority and power becoming one of the in-grown untouchables that are tolerated because they’ve become institutions that have outlived their usefulness.  Examples abound on both sides of the political aisle.  The current list would include Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Maxine Waters, John McCain and Jeff Flake.  Hopefully their voters will wake-up and weed them out in the next election.     

     Trump’s leadership was honed in business and his frustration with poor performers is frequently seen through his tweets.  He’s accustomed to obtaining results and the ‘security’ of government jobs blocks him.  He doesn’t tolerate it or go with the flow as other leaders have done in the past.  When members of his team fail to support his goals or pull together as a unit he does what most strong business leaders do – he fires them!  Most recently we’ve seen that with the firings of FBI officials James Comey and Andrew McCabe along with Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.  These stand out because the usual approach has been to allow the failed performers to retire on their lavish government pensions while those who remain behind try to mend fences or pick up the pieces of their destructive leadership.  Trump was hired by the majority of his supporters to drain the swamp and bring some common sense and leadership to the new administration.  Our frustration is not with his taking strong action!  It’s more with the delay in draining the swamp.  In this, we can share his annoyance with the embedded obstructionists (Deep State), including members of his own party and those members of the judicial department that delay or block progress by overstepping their authority.

     Our job is to recognize the limitations of the presidency and to revise our expectations in order to take that into account.  However, we shouldn’t excuse or accept unreasonable delays or the failure to act on issues that fall within Trump’s or the GOP’s control.  Despite the progress and the victories during the past year there are numerous areas where movement is either lacking or not visible. Three of the key issues will require amendments to the Constitution which will need a convention of states (34) to approve.  Once the convention is called, 38 states must approve the amendment for the Constitution to be changed.  Among the current amendment proposals are:  Term Limits, a Right to Life and a Balanced Federal Budget. It should be noted that our state supported a Constitutional Amendment to Balance the Federal Budget in 1959 and a Right to Life (to overturn the Wade VS Roe decision) in 1977.  We’re still waiting for the rest of the states to join those issues while they wait for us in the Term Limit debate.  State legislature control and vocal public support are needed to overcome opposition from entrenched politicos.

     Meanwhile, there is no shortage of areas which need Trump’s attention including:  Iran, N. Korea, Russia, Trade, Border Security, Immigration, ‘Dreamers’, Health Care, the Budget and the big one – Cooperation and Consensus between the two major parties!  That will require a leadership change by the Democrats, the GOP and the media.  Trump’s leadership plate is full!

End of rant.  Have a blessed day.