As I was trying to decide what to have my column about this week all I could think about was what a great week last week was! It really began the Friday before when Governor Asa Hutchinson came to Heber Springs to be the speaker at the Feed a Senior Fish Fry Fundraiser held to raise monies for the Waychoff Center. According to Judge Jerry Holmes just a little shy of $8,000, after expenses was raised. That is pretty awesome! Way to Go Heber Springs!!

The Community Center was packed, including many candidates for office. I guess if you get a roomful of people anywhere, during an election year you can expect to see lots of candidates.

Then on Wednesday there was an invitation only reception for the Arkansas Supreme Court Justices in Heber Springs to have oral arguments at Appeals on Wheels at the Fine Arts Performing Center. The reception had many of our elected officials present along with the Justices and their security. The Justices were so very interesting to meet and speak with! Chamber of Commerce Champions were also in attendance. Check out the photos I took in today’s The Sun Times. I have to say I had something happen to me at the reception that frankly, doesn’t happen that often. One of the Justices workers was taking pictures of me! Now I am usually the one behind the camera taking pictures, not having mine taken!

When I arrived at the Fine Arts building I was escorted to the front row where seats were reserved for press. Wow! Totally awesome to be treated with respect from everyone with the Justices and the Justices themselves! Very humbling!!  I was told the capacity was 999 but there were around 1035 people, mostly students, in attendance. I have to say it was informative and really a great opportunity to see how our highest court works. After the oral arguments were done, the Justices came out front and after seperating the students into groups, the Justices each took one group and answered questions from the students. I hope the students enjoyed it as much as I did. I know a lot of it was legalese and over some heads but this was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

On Friday I drove up to Mountain View at the invitation of Judge Lee Harrod to a reception for Chief Justice Dan Kemp, who is from that area. It too was full of people who are a part of the Judiciary in Arkansas. Several officials from Heber Springs were in attendance. Prosecuting Attorney Holly Meyer, Prosecuting Attorney Eric Nance, Prosecuting Attorney Drew Smith, Sen, Missy Irvin, Skye and Judge Lance Wright, Judge Lee Weaver, Judge Lee Wisdom Harrod, to name just a few. Very informative reception! Look to my article in today’s The Sun Time for my article on Justice Dan Kemp’s discussion on the Strategic Plan for the Judiciary.

After I got home from Mountain View I grabbed my bags and my dog, Tink and took off to Stuttgart where I babysat my grand dog, Naja. Naja just happens to be my Tinks’ bestie, even though Naja is about 100 pounds of pitbull and Tink is 7.7 pounds of Chorkie. The funny thing is that Tink bullies Naja, jumps on her, nips at her and all Naja does is turn the other cheek, literally!

On my way from there on Sunday I went to a friends in Maumelle/Morgan area and grilled steaks and visited.Nothing like sharing times like this with good friends! Thanks Troy for a nice evening, good food and great company. Of course I didn’t stick around too long, had to get home to write stories for today’s paper.

Sure hope this weather warms up and stays there!

Until next time...