I sit here in my daughter’s kitchen, typing away as the most important lil guy in my world eats breakfast while watching the hummingbirds feeding out the back window. Watching Holden always reminds me of the important things in my life. While I feel my work is important to some degree, the really important things are spending time with Holden.

How many moments do we let slip by because we are so busy? How many times do we miss the moments like this one this morning? Life didn’t used to be so busy did it? With all our technology that is supposed to make our lives simpler, it has really made our lives busier. Now we spend so much time with our faces looking at devices instead of people that I wonder if anyone under 30 can actually hold a conversation with complete sentences?

Remember the days we you didn’t have a cellphone at your side? When you weren’t connected 24/7? When students went to school and listened to their teachers without use of a cellphone? I remember when a boss of mine received a cellphone for his car so when he was traveling he could still be in contact with the office. Who would’ve dreamed cellphones would have taken over communication in our lives? You look around while sitting in a restaurant and I would venture to guess that more people are looking at their phones than having face to face conversations. Is it any wonder we have such social issues? Is it any wonder our governments can’t communicate in peace?

Technology can be a great blessing. It allows me to be watching my grandson while typing this column. One of the things I love most about my job! By the same token though the convenience means I spend way more time working than I would without it. If you have been a long time reader of my column you may remember I have said I feel guilty when I am at home and not working!

Take time for what’s really important, you will never regret that. I’m off to play with what’s important to me!

Until next time...