I like being a kid! This phrase can be attributed to Toys R Us or possibly, The Kinders musical couple. Personally, I think it describes me perfectly! Sometimes, especially on Monday mornings, I hate doing the “Adult” thing! Don’t You?

This past weekend the adulting went right out the window when my daughters, Bethany and Sarah and I took my grandson, Holden to see Disney on Ice (shout out to Meredith Scott!). At first we weren’t sure how Holden would do, considering he is only 18 months old and that’s two hours of sitting still, a lot for this busy lil guy. He was absolutely mesmerized during the show and only got restless during the last ten minutes of the show. Now, granted he hopped from my lap to Mom’s lap to Auntie Sarah’s lap, but at least he was pretty equal about where he wanted to sit to watch the show LOL!

I hadn’t been to a Disney on Ice performance in many, many years and have to say this one was truly exceptional. The only thing they could have done better, in my opinion was have the principal skaters to spend more time around the arena so each of the kids would get to see them up close. We had great seats on the second row of section 106 which put us right a the stage right so we were able to see when the characters came out which was great. Unfortunately, they then would skate to the front of the stage, making it difficult for us to see their skits because they geared them to the front audience.. The ensemble skaters were great to interact with the kids in our section though.

It was a great time for Holden and he really liked the big horse and the big elk (Holden thought it was a deer and we let him lol) and of course Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Goofy!

Mom Bethany loved the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast songs and skits and was sitting beside me reciting the words perfectly. I truly believe she knows those movies dialogue by heart!

Of course, I videoed some of the performance on The Sun Times Facebook page if you want to check it out.

It was really great of Disney on Ice to allow my reporter, Lori Hamilton, and I to come interview one of their principal performers, Antonella, about her experiences with Disney on Ice. While we couldn’t take pics of performers in costume we were allowed to take pics as they practiced their various routines. I will be putting those up on our Facebook page and our website so be sure to check them out.

Sometimes being an adult is overrated so enjoy life by being a kid when you can!

Until next time...