President Trump elected not to attend the White House Correspondents Annual Dinner on Sunday for the 2nd year in a row.  The entertainer selected by the WHCA for this year’s gathering, Michelle Wolf, proved his decision to avoid the affair was well made.  Had he attended he would have been greeted by a profanity laced monologue which unfairly targeted Trump’s White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  The only class act of the show was Sarah herself as she elected to remain in the audience rather than walk out while she weathered personal attacks on her appearance and ability from the foul mouthed ‘entertainer’.  The debacle resulted in a mild apology from the President of the WHCA and a commitment to do better next year.

     Considering that a major schism already exists between the President and the press corps you would have thought the officers of the White House Correspondents Association would have invested a little more thought in selecting a more appropriate entertainer to support their goal of unity, free speech and Civility!  However, as with more and more leaders today, we see a trend toward ‘After the Fact Apologies’ rather than ‘Before the Fact Thinking’ which is a sad commentary on our college, political and business leadership.  These people are terrible examples for our impressionable youth.  Have we entered the Lame Brained generation and, if so, is there any hope on the horizon?

     Trump’s problem with the ‘Fake News’ crowd is not news.  This mini-war was going on well before he won the presidency in 2016.  The slurs, slander, disrespect, ridicule and bias have been visible for over two years and haven’t improved since.  The White House Correspondents routinely attempt to disrupt and take control of the daily White House briefings with inane or slanted questions as they try to posture before their co-workers and the national audience.  Their superiors at their respective media employers apparently promote rather than curtail this uncivil behavior.  They fail to understand that they are setting new low standards for their profession which would have been unthinkable under past administrations.  The Democrats and their supporters would have been furious had a partisan press picked apart the Obama’s the way the current group addresses the Trump family.  Fair play and civility are visibly absent and it comes down to poor or inept leadership at the media establishments which write the paychecks for these fools.  They rail about Trump’s disdain for them and their profession then turn around and justify it with their next article, question or action.  They refuse to learn and then they complain about the results!  I would define that as a form of insanity or idiocy – Pick one!

     In the meantime, Ms Huckabee Sanders plugs along doing her best at handling a rowdy disrespectful group of egotistical self ordained media stars and has become a model for those in her profession.  Her boss, President Trump, continues to do the same, scoring victory after victory much to the chagrin of the naysayers on the Left. Although still a work in progress, Trump’s approach to the problem of North Korea has so far proven to be a masterpiece of international diplomacy and is already recognized as such by those leaders at ground zero.  South Korea’s President Moon recently stated that a Nobel Prize would be appropriate if the negotiations continue to bear fruit.  Not too long ago the Left and their media supporters were screaming that Trump would lead us into a Nuclear War because of his unskilled ham handed clumsy attempts to deal with other nations.  At the moment, in the midst of his impressive accomplishments on the foreign scene, the silence from his opposition is deafening!

     The Korean War has gone on for almost 68 years and was never officially ended making it the longest unresolved conflict in our present era.  Past Presidents dating back to Truman have either confronted or appeased the North Koreans.  Trump’s no-nonsense business approach to international negotiations employed China as leverage along with a firm response using a carrot and stick method ala ‘The Art of the Deal’!  It may not be over yet but, we’ve come farther in a shorter period of time with more promising results than any of our past administrations have ever achieved. 

     In the Middle East, Trump has also taken a leadership position.  The other nations understand that Trump’s Red Line is indeed a Red Line.  His consistent and firm handling of international disputes has brought him and The US respect among the international community.  His recent actions with the move of our embassy to Jerusalem clearly demonstrated to the Palestinians and their leader, Mahmoud Abbas, that he wasn’t going to continue playing games.  Abbas and past leaders had squandered their opportunities over the years to achieve statehood and peace in their part of the world.  Now, in dealing with Trump, they could no longer swing any weight by negotiating with threats.

     In October 2009, President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for ‘strengthening international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples’ just 9 months into his 1st term.  It was a reflection of his international ‘apology tour’ where he humbled himself and the USA on the world’s stage.  Journalists lauded him but, few questioned the award.  Was anything substantial ever accomplished?  I’d be interested in hearing from you if you think there was. 

End of rant.  Have a blessed day.