I am so excited that Spring decided to come and stay awhile! The weather has been beautiful lately, don’t you agree? This weekend I went down to see my #1, Holden, so his momma could run to Little Rock and pick up some flowers for planting. Sure enough when she got home, she had brought a truckload of flowers, seriously! She had sent me a text and a photo showing me that Lowe’s was having a sale, which included a $1 aisle! Once she got home, we unloaded the truck and while we began mixing potting mix and emptying out the hanging baskets she has set up, a friend of theirs, Hannah Beth, kept an eye on Holden so momma and Yeah Yeah could plant and plant we did! If you have followed my column very long you know that when Spring rolls around, I like nothing more than digging in the dirt and planting flowers.

I got so tickled at my daughter, Bethany, when she looked at me and said, “You think I may have gotten too many?” Course I had to crack up because, she gets it from her Mama! I’m the same way, I love my flowers and if you have seen my apartment you know this! Once we finished stocking her planters and baskets, she asked if I wanted to take some home (yeah, we had a few leftover) and you KNOW what I said!

On Sunday morning, I could barely get out of bed! But I did and started planting the flowers in my yard, as well as spray painted a couple of planters she had given me also. After lunch it was getting a little on the HOT side, so I thought I’ll go in and wait til the sun isn’t beating down on me so bad. I’m thinking I will take a lil 30 minute nap, so I set the alarm. Well, when it went off  I thought I’m gonna just lay here another minute or two...yep that ended up being another hour and a half! I’d say I needed the rest.

Believe it or not, I still have a few flowers to plant still. Love, love Spring and flowers blooming!! It was a great day working with my daughter on her plants, we haven’t done that together in a bit and of course it’s always a great day spending it with Holden!

Now it’s back to the grind of putting out a paper twice this week. If you haven’t gotten out to vote, early voting started yesterday so get out and vote! Today’s paper has another of the getting to know the candidate series and Friday will have one, possibly two as well. I feel that an informed voter is a better voter so I’m letting the candidates come in and chat so you, the voter, can learn more about them.

Until next time…