First let me begin with telling all you Moms out there that I hope you had as wonderful of a Mother’s Day as I did! Not only did all of my children come to my oldest daughter’s home for a get together, but so did members of my son in laws family. Both of Holden’s grandma’s were there. His Yea Yea (me) and his Nana (Linda), two of Linda’s children, Chance and Slade and wife Alex and their son, Emmett, as well as Linda’s husband, Steve, and daughter in law, Stevie, were in attendance. We had a great lunch and a great visit. While Chance’s side of the family didn’t get to stick around all afternoon, my children and I did get to stick around and visit and play with Holden. Lil Emmett got to go ride the tractor with Uncle Chance since being a rice farmer, he had to work while we played lol. When I walk in and Holden yells Yea Yea it absolutely melts my heart every time!

If you didn’t attend the Summer Kick Off in Downtown Heber Springs this weekend, you missed a fun time and a great band. The Just Sayin’ band from Little Rock played for over two hours that I was present for absolutely rocked the block! Check out the videos on The Sun Times Facebook page.

Sitting at home Sunday night I watched a movie, “The Post,” that totally made me love what I do, while at the same time making me wish that people believed in the news business again. If you haven’t watched it, you owe it to yourself to do so. It also showed me that the news business was founded by the founding fathers to be the watchdog of the governors not the governed. This is a quote from the movie and it really set me thinking. Oddly enough I found an odd parallel to events that I have endured since being in this business. It made me think about another quote, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” There were distinct parallels to today even though the movie is based in 1971 and we live in 2018. Another great quote, “Those who do not learn from the past are destined to repeat it.”  Of course, as I watched the movie which for those who don’t know, “The Post” is about the newspaper, The Washington Post and a story they (and The New York Times) published documents which were given to them by, what I would call, a whistleblower, regarding the Vietnam War and a report by Bob McNamara about it. Since I was only 10 when this happened and lived in Las Vegas, clear across the country, and didn’t exactly follow news at the time. The movie was absolutely fascinating and I feel like Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Matthew Rhys, Bob Odenkirk and Bruce Greenwood should all receive Academy Awards nominations.

Unfortunately in this world and in a lot of the mainstream media, they have lost their sense of integrity and honesty. They have lost their respect for others, such as victims in an accident. I am not that journalist who is going to be sticking a microphone or recorder in someone’s face right after a tragedy, nor will I be taking photos at accidents of victims. Yet there are those who think I should do just that. Although those would be the first ones to cry foul if it was their family member involved in the accident. I refuse to print gossip or hearsay and work hard to definitely not print lies, even lies that can be attributed to someone in a direct quote. At least not until I can disprove that quote and prove that is a lie. Hand in hand with this is a belief I hold during these political races. The belief that if all you can do is tear your opponent down instead of tell the voters SPECIFICALLY what YOU can do for EVERYONE, not just those who are backing you financially, then frankly what that says to me is that you really don’t have ANYTHING worthwhile to offer to this county. Experience matters, integrity matters and hand in hand with these are HONESTY matters.

I’ve said all this to say, voters, don’t just listen to the opponent who only wants to criticize his or her opponent, and accept what they say as truth. Check the facts. In publicly held offices much of what happens is public and available to constituents. You owe it to yourself to fact check, I assure you that I am doing that for an upcoming story. But I am also telling you to don’t just take my word or my article, check the facts for yourself. Check the financial records of the candidates, who is contributing the funding for their campaign. Then you will know the truth for yourself. An informed voter is a better voter.

Until next time...