By the time you actually read this column, the primary elections will be over. Thank Goodness!  I am starting to actually hate elections and even worse the way people who don’t know me, some who have never bothered to darken my door and introduce themselves, sit down and chat, can so very easily blast me on Social Media! Really folks, get a life! If you have nothing better to do than run me down, you really need to find a hobby! Especially when it comes to bringing up very imagined slights of someone else that is, to say the least, old news that frankly no one but you seems to care about.

I wish I had the time that many people today seem to have to absolutely waste by doing nothing but creeping on Facebook, stirring up crap that no one cares about and spouting untruths that they have made up with their imaginations.

You would think I was running for some office the way I have been attacked. But hey, at least they are leaving someone else alone. Apparently, the new way to fight against truth is to attack someone who isn’t even in the running. Unfortunately, this shows many the true character of the people who find nothing more constructive to attack others, to divert attention off the real issues.

It’s not the first time I have been attacked on Social Media and I’m sad to say it probably won’t be the last. Some people are just like that. They are miserable and they want everyone else to be as well. Or they can’t disprove anything that is said so they divert people’s attention off the real issues. I think most people are smart enough to see through those kinds of things.

Whether you like me or not, you must understand that in a newspaper we can’t just print gossip or untruths and definitely not things that are said that are just not true. Journalists do something called fact checking. People, in general, would do better to do some of this themselves when they have a question about something someone has said on social media. I hate to break it to you but...just because it is on Facebook doesn’t mean it’s true. Heck just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it is true either. Somewhere along the way as we got smarter with technology, our brains turned to mush. There’s an old saying, “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see with your own eyes.” There’s some real truth in this. Speaking of truth, did you know there are three sides to every story? Your side, my side and the truth. Keep this in mind. It has been scientifically shown that even people who witness something together may not remember it the same way. It is called  the Rashomon effect, where people who witness the same event remember it differently. Instead of just accepting someone’s words as fact, do some fact checking yourself. You may be surprised at what you discover about someone you thought you knew better than that.

Along this same line, does anyone but me think that adults can be the worst bullies ever on Social Media? They will use whatever excuse they can come up with to justify it as well. Ever think this is why we have mass shootings (that are un terrorist related)? Adults bully, kids watch it and guess what? They bully too and the victims of bullies finally get enough and a mass shooting occurs. Instead of railing against gun manufacturers, try stopping bullies. And if you are one STOP IT because you may just be the bully that causes a victim to shoot up a school or office. It doesn’t take one bit of effort to be nice. It takes a lot of energy to be a bully and frankly it’s not good energy.

I was bullied as a kid in school, but I can assure you the bullying I have received as an adult, in the last year, has been so much worse. If you think you are getting to me, you aren’t. Because I know the truth that you refuse to look at in the mirror. I also pray for you to have your eyes opened to truth.

A friend of mine used to stay, “Remember to smile. The world’s not a bad place, it’s just all the bad people in it.” Are you one of the bad people? Do you spread peace? Or do you spread strife?

Try to spread a little kindness today and be the reason someone smiles, instead of the reason someone cries.

Until next time...