Copy of letter sent to the following: Arkansas Governor Hutchinson, Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, Arkansas Senator John Boozeman.

About Arkansas Medical Cannabis Program

Good day to you. I wanted to take the time to write to you and I thank you for your time. As an Arkansas voter, I feel that it is taking too much time to bring about what the voters voted for. Please do not let our state fall even more behind than it is. We are losing money, jobs, and business opportunities here in Arkansas.

We the voters voted for at least Medical Cannabis to be legal in our state, because there are many patients in our state that could benefit from the use of alternative medicine. More so for our veterans. They have fought so hard and have seen life changing events happen right before their very eyes. Veterans who lives are changed from all that they have been through and yet our veterans can not get access to medicine and treatment that they so rightfully deserve after putting their lives on the line for this country. Let us not forget the countless lives lost for all these freedoms here in America. Pray for our troops, Honor our soldiers.

I have ancestors who have fought in both world wars. Our family tree and DNA results shows it all. The history we need to personally teach one another is where we come from. Our own history. That is whole other topic. My votes are starting to sway because no one in high offices are pushing to execute what the voters of Arkansas voted in going on 2 years now.

I understand we have a way we follow here in Arkansas. We like to be very thorough with everything. Our court's are an embarrassment. There is so much more progress for Arkansas. Will you be the person to further it along? Please try to do as much as you can to clear the issues and bring our medical Cannabis program to light. Push for action. Other wise Arkansas voters are going to vote out the ones we feel that our not able to do their jobs. No disrespect in anyway. I thank you very much for all you do for Arkansas.

Thank you so ever much for your time. Hope all is well with you. God Bless you and yours.

Thomas Vincek