At one time or another we have all heard, read or been affected by PC (Political Correctness).  Much of it is the result of people bending over backwards to avoid any hint that they might be insensitive to other people’s positions, thoughts, appearance, religion, politics or any of the millions of differences that mark us as human beings.  Unfortunately, many in today’s society are too weak, cowardly or overly sensitive and therefore unable to handle those differences without having a hissy fit or trying to find a sympathetic but greedy lawyer or politician to ‘fix’ the problem..

     There are a few interesting facts I’ve noticed about what passes for Political Correctness today based upon quotes, lawsuits and stories I’ve read in the media. 

     The 1st is that it appears to exclude Christians.  The Christian religion and those who practice it seem to be fair game for wannabe comedians and deranged artists who want to make a public statement, shock people or just demonstrate their distaste for anything that might constitute a Moral Code. Accompanying the Christian exception is their savior, Jesus Christ. Both He and his mother, Mary, are targets and can be attacked without risk of incurring a negative reaction by the media, the entertainment industry or many of the politicians that identify as Democrats.  Please note that I’m not impugning all Democrats. However, there are numerous examples available that support my statement.  If you aren’t aware of this then you haven’t been paying attention.

     The 2nd fact is that Islam and their Prophet Muhammad are off limits and any attempt to deride or demean the religion, him or their followers will be met with instant cries of outrage from the same media and entertainment figures that support similar disparaging attacks on Christianity.  Why is that?  Do the media regard Christians as wimps for following the Prince of Peace but cower in fear of a violent reaction from Muslims?  What about the entertainers?  What is their stake in the discrimination between the two beliefs?

     The 3rd fact is that it’s Open Season on Republicans, Conservatives and their leadership by the media and Hollywood.  Has anyone ever seen as much hateful rhetoric directed personally at the President of our country and his family as we see today?  In the past, there have been political disagreements and questions aimed at all past campaigners and those in office but, none ever reached the low standards that have become today’s norm regarding Trump. The primary crime of Trump and those on the right was that The Democrats and their standard bearer, Hillary Clinton, lost what everyone believed was a guaranteed victory for the Presidency.  Rather than accept the situation, work with it and learn from it they’ve devoted their energy to creating a scorched earth approach in order to block, hinder, slander, ridicule and disparage the victors.  I don’t recall Dewey’s supporters doing the same to the Democrats and Truman when HST pulled off a similar miracle in 1948. Of course I was only 6 at the time so maybe I missed something.

     The 4th fact is that the Palestinians have obviously become the new ‘Chosen People’ over the Jews.  This fact is supported by the BDS movement promoted by celebrities and the fans that idolize them along with many in the mainstream media.  Post WWII, the Jews were finally returned to their native land where they were immediately attacked by their neighbors.  Over the following 70 years, the Israelis have created a prospering democracy in a hostile environment and are still being attacked by their neighbors.  The world’s response to the Israelis defense of their citizens is to Boycott them!  Incredible!

     The 5th fact is that babies are apparently Not alive until the magic moment of birth and therefore it’s OK to kill them by dismembering them and selling their dead bodies for profit. Since true Christians oppose abortion maybe that’s why it’s OK to ridicule Christianity.

     The 6th fact is that guns kill people! It’s obviously Not the shooter’s fault so let’s ban guns!  The media, politicians, celebrities and PC people of all persuasions know that amending or repealing the 2nd Amendment will absolutely fix the problem.  A few more laws are all we need!  Of course that doesn’t explain the problem in Chicago.  The Democrats have controlled Chicago for 84 years and have enacted some of the most stringent gun control measures in the country.  Yet, Chicago still averages 49 people shot and 8 killed every week!  It has to be the gun because I’m sure the poor people living there are all saints!

     Please note that all of the above Politically Correct reactions have been promulgated by the Democrats, the Liberals and those on the Left yet they criticize and castigate the rest of us who, like Spock, try to point out the inconsistencies in their arguments. As a Christian, Conservative, Republican, gun owning parent married to a Messianic Jew I tend to notice these things.  I wonder exactly what these people are thinking for them to ignore obvious facts so they can continue to blanket this country with an atmosphere of hate and discontent as they smugly march like lemmings over the cliff of Political Correctness while dragging the rest of us with them!  I suppose in their minds, Political Correctness trumps Common Sense, Good Judgment and Reality!  Beam me up Scotty!  No intelligent life here after all!

End of rant.  Have a blessed day.