If you didn’t go out to Fairfield Bay this weekend you missed a really fun day!! The marina there held an event called Surfin’ the Bay which was a water sports festival, had blow up slides for the kids, free kayaks and paddleboards for people to use, and a gentleman from Louisiana, Rich (whose last name I did not catch) giving rides on flyboards, the marina also gave shuttle rides out to Sugar Loaf Mountain and to close the evening out with my friends, The Zac Dunlap Band performed.

A big shout out to Rocky Nickles, Community Club General Manager, who, helped sponsor and put together the event. I must say it was a wonderful day of fun and entertainment! I also have to give a shout out to the Red River Outfitters who sponsored the kayak, paddle boat and paddle board rides for no cost to those who wanted to give them a try, including this editor! I have wanted to try kayaking for some time and I got to on Saturday! It really was fun and I’m seriously considering buying myself a kayak!!

I was so impressed with how well organized this event was, not to mention how much fun.

You can check out the photos on The Sun Times Facebook page to see for yourself.

The weekend was complete when I got to go spend Sunday afternoon with the Number One man in my life, Holden, my grandson. We played in the pool at their house for a couple of hours and worked on Holden’s swimming. His parents and I have been working hard with him to teach him how to swim. We tell him, “Swim like Nellie!” Nellie is their approximately eight month old silver lab puppy who Holden’s Dad is training to become a duck dog. Nellie jumps in the pool to fetch her “duck.” So we use her as the example, telling Holden to kick his feet and move his hands and to swim like Nellie. I would bet he will be swimming by the end of summer.

This is an important week for me because both my daughter and daughter in law will be celebrating birthdays. They share June 21 as their birthday and they are coming to Heber Springs, along with Beth’s daughter, Katee to spend a few days. I can’t wait!

Family time is so important. So put down your phone or your tablet and spend some quality time with your family this weekend!

Until next time…