This column is for the Democrats among us.  I know you’ve had a difficult time digesting the ramifications of Trump’s come-from-behind victory over Hillary Clinton roughly a year and a half ago.  A number of your fringe groups showed their displeasure by rioting in the streets and damaging private property as they showed their inability to handle the loss in an adult manner.  Many of the Democrat leaders reacted with promises of Doom and Gloom along with dire forecasts which stopped just short of predicting an apocalypse for the United States with regard to our Financial Future, the Economy, Unemployment, World War III and life in general.  You were further exasperated when Trump, after one year in office, blew out the candle on his 1st year celebration with a rousing, all-inclusive, State of the Union speech which was feebly answered by Rep. Joe Kennedy who sympathized with the poor while being blessed as one of the richest members of congress.  During Trump’s short term in office, employment is at the highest level in over 50 years, financial markets and investments are booming, ISIS has been beaten back, a dialogue has finally been created with North Korea and the future looks stable.   Despite that, the Democrats are doing everything possible to exclude themselves from anything productive that our citizens might be enjoying.  They’ve become the party of total Negativity!

     During Trump’s term, we’ve seen an unrelenting and growing criticism of everything he and his family have done by waves of angry Democrats stoked by CNN, MSNBC and other major members of the media who overwhelmingly support the Democrats with 90% of their articles containing anti-Trump rhetoric. Bipartisanship is apparently dead, at least for the moment while Trump retains the office.  It’s gotten to the point where it’s become depressing and has grown into a major turn-off as everything voiced by the Democrats, both in and out of office, is either negative or potty mouthed.  The Democratic Party has become personified by identity politics and an obsession with fringe members while offering little of value to their core.  Their champions are either foul mouthed, profane entertainers, foolish politicians searching for reasons to impeach or obstruct or callow youth venting their anger on TV while showing their ignorance of the very things they’re demonstrating against!  Hello Houston – We have a Problem!

     The sad part is that the mid-term elections are rapidly approaching and the Democrats are still out of step with many of their fellow Americans.  While others might disagree with me, I see a positive value and a need for a viable Democratic Party.  This country has enjoyed a two party system for several hundred years not counting the splinter groups that come, go or exist with small percentages of supporters.  If one of the two major political parties cripples itself to the point where it begins to lose a large core of its membership, the synergistic effect of the two parties is lost.  In the past, the Democrats have produced strong leaders and programs over the years as witnessed by Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman and John F. Kennedy.  You could also include James K. Polk, the 11th President, who oversaw the annexation of Texas thereby continuing to promote our westward expansion.  We need sound leadership from both parties now and in the future.

     To regain credibility, the Democrats need to put on their adult panties and start acting as adults.  Entertainers who F-bomb any President should be loudly criticized from Both sides of the aisle. Antifa and its proponents should be publicly disavowed as should BLM supporters who block roads and inconvenience innocent people while trying to get media exposure.  Ask yourselves why the Democrat leadership is pro abortion?  I can’t believe that all church going Democrats would support baby killing!  For those Democrats who claim to be Christian, ask yourself WWJD!  I’d like your answers.

     Should Democrats look the other way when one of their own violates the law?  Is that why Democrats aren’t questioning Obama’s handling of the Iran payoff or his and Hillary’s approval of the uranium transfer to Russia?  What’s the true story behind the $84 million in illegal election fund transfers to Hillary’s campaign by the DNC and why isn’t the FEC (Federal Election Committee) responding to the lawsuit?  How about the way the DNC cheated Sanders in the primary against Hillary?  What about the bias at the IRS under Lerner who was allowed to retire Scot free after taking the 5th.  Speaking of bias, are you angry at the actions within the FBI to block Trump’s run for the Presidency?  What if they had done it to Obama?  Do you know the details of the ties between the Clinton Foundation and influence peddling?  Does anyone even care?  Are you following the IT scandal involving Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and 40 other Democrats? 

     My point here is that you can’t appear to be selective about enforcing the law without being labeled as a hypocrite. You also have to speak up and get the leaders of the DNC to understand that their approach and policies are driving away their core group of middle-class rank and file losing them the same way they lost the South, the Senate and the House.  If Democrats want to remain a political force in this country, they need to wake up!  It’s Time!

End of rant.  Have a blessed day.