I think I have written somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 columns since I started working in the newspaper business and I have to say there are some times when it’s hard to decide what to write about. I admit, most of my columns are just about my crazy life and I think my boss shoulda named it Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life) instead of Dawn’s delights. Though most of my friends think Dawn’s Delights is the perfect name. I am always humbled and amazed when people stop me and tell me how much they like this column. My first reaction is, “What’s wrong with you?” I’ve been told people love my column because it’s real. I put myself out there which is not always easy, but people do relate to some of my crazy tales.

This past week was my daughter, Sarah’s 31st birthday and my daughter-in-law Beth’s 41st birthday and they, along with Beth’s daughter Katee and her friend Shea came to stay in Heber Springs with me. Now ya’ll know I have a two bedroom apartment, but we made it work! On Saturday we rented a party barge/pontoon from Peters Sugarloaf Marina (who were exceptional!!) and along with our friends Bobby and Megan, and lil one Alex, spent the day on Greers Ferry Lake! It was great! Now our pontoon wasn’t an ordinary one, it had a slide, a upper deck with two lounge chairs and the best thing...a bathroom!! How great was that?? Now I have to give a super shout and kudos to Bobby for not only going on this adventure with SEVEN women and he was still wearing a big smile at the end of the day! I see why Megan fell in love with and married you!! The only hiccup of the day was Beth’s toothache, which caused us to cut the day short by an hour and a half. This was probably just as well though because no matter how much sunscreen was applied, almost everyone got a little sunburned. Not me though, because I spend a couple afternoons a week at the lake working on that base tan!

Then to make the weekend absolutely perfect I got to spend Sunday with my love, Holden! And his parents lol. We played in the pool and had Holden “swimming” between us with his puddle jumper attached of course. I daresay the lil guy will be swimming by the end of the summer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is nothing better for me than when I peek in his room when he is waking up from a nap! He spots me and gets the biggest grin on his face and starts jumping up and down in his crib saying, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”!! Talk about melts this Yeah Yeah’s heart!! We run and play and have a big time, ALWAYS! He knows how very much I love him and he repays in kind! There are times when he just gives me spontaneous lovin’s and I love you’s without being prompted. There is nothing better for me!! I never knew I was capable of feeling so much love for another person, sometimes I think my heart will just burst! Before we know it he will be all grown up. I dread that! I want him to stay little forever! But, alas, just like with my own kids, they grow up and realize they don’t need me at all. Sigh. Don’t ever take their love for granted and kids, don’t take your parents for granted because, as I found out all too well, they won’t be with us forever. Make it a priority to love them and tell them so!

Whenever I don’t have a topic for this column, you guessed it, I make Holden the topic. Frankly I could write volumes about him! Hopefully, these stories have made you smile, and even think.

Until next time...