Dear Editor:

I first noticed fireworks in our neighborhood about three weeks ago, about the time the fireworks stands opened.  The weekend neighbors started shooting small fireworks  all afternoon and bigger fireworks into the evening.  I know there is a fireworks ordinance in Heber Springs, so I notified the police department.  An officer was sent out and the neighbor was notified of the fireworks ordinance.  On July 3, the same neighbor returned.  Even after being notified about the fireworks ban, our neighbor continued to shoot a very impressive fireworks display, even in police presence, five nights in a row.   After several conversations with the police department, nothing was done.  We have weekend residents in our neighborhood but we have full time residents too.  We have jobs that require an early wake up, babies trying to sleep and pets that are frightened because of the noise.  When the neighbors shoot off the fireworks in the street the debris is left and they leave town without a thought.  When the police told them to take it out on the cliffs past the white line, the debris is shot into our pristine lake.  That is even worse to have all that trash left in our lake, much less, in our streets.  We all want to enjoy the 4th of July holiday, but should we expect our police department to enforce the city fireworks ordinance?

Deanna Puckett.

Brighton Pointe