When I was young, a lot of the neighborhood kids would call each other names based upon the other kid’s appearance, nationality or other perceived ‘differences’. Sometimes it was done in play between close friends but usually it was an angry response intended to hurt or demean the one that had wronged you.  Sometimes the name calling got out of hand and resulted in a physical fight.  After we grew up, the name calling pretty much died out and it was left with other childhood memories of long ago.  Then, Shirley Ellis wrote and sang a new song in 1964 called, “The Name Game”.  It was primarily a children’s song but, it wound up at #3 on Billboard’s chart.  It had an addictive melody and almost everyone around my age knew the lyrics.  Once you learned it the song stayed with you.  Today, we’re seeing a different version of the name game but, it’s one which isn’t very funny and it sure isn’t intended for children.

     Almost 2,500 years ago Socrates wrote, “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser”.  The modern Democrats and many of their supporters appear to have overlooked his caution to would-be debaters.  The accusations that Trump was a racist began in earnest after he was chosen to represent the Republican Party in the race for President.  It was soon joined by charges that he was a misogynist (a person who dislikes women in general) followed by the claim that he was xenophobic (someone afraid of or prejudiced against foreigners).  The name calling grew despite Trump’s moves to improve the financial status of all citizens, regardless of color or creed, by strengthening the economy and growing jobs.  The Left’s rage against Trump expanded into talks of impeachment by Democrat senators and congressmen who were frustrated with the positive results the country was seeing under his leadership.  Every move he made was greeted with cries of impending disaster from the Democratic National Committee.  When none of their hysterical comments appeared to make a difference in driving away his supporters they escalated the name calling to include ‘Nazi’. Then they added the blame game to the name game as they tried to pin the responsibility for everything from school shootings to the separation of the children of illegal aliens from their families. 

     All of these attempts to undermine Trump have been gleefully published by key segments of the media according to a number of studies including the ones by Harvard and Pew.  Highlights showed CNN and NBC tied at 93% negative with CBS close behind with 91%.  Fox News came in at 52% negative which was close to their mottos of ‘Fair and Balanced” and “We report – You decide!”  Even the foreign news organizations were anti-Trump with 60% negative coverage peaking to 74% by the BBC (United Kingdom) and 98% by ARD (Germany).  In a deviation from the typical coverage of past Presidents, today’s negative media focuses on Trump as a person rather than on his policies with the name calling given wide coverage.  Even worse than the negative coverage has been the sloppiness of the reporting.  This has required far more frequent corrections and rewrites than we’ve ever seen in the past.  Please note that these statistics only reflect the work of the national media and not the local papers such as the Sun-Times which serves our part of the world.  Here they provide a more balanced product even to the point of allowing conservatives such as me to offer a few views from the Right.   The independent studies did prove the national media was in bed with the Democrats but, what about the name-calling by the left?  What games are they playing and why?

     First you have to look at their objective.  They want to regain control of congress and the presidency.  However, without an agenda of their own they’re reverting to childish name calling exactly as Socrates had stated so many centuries ago.  Quick, try to think of something positive the Democrats are proposing or who their new leader is.  A difficult job to say the least!  Since they don’t have much to offer the voter and their base is fragmenting while we speak, they’ve resorted to the only weapon they have in their arsenal – childish name calling!  They believe if they keep crying racist or Nazi you, the average voter, will be dumb enough to believe it.  Do they ever offer proof of their accusations?  I haven’t seen any.  When I challenge them to show proof they clam up and change the subject.  Crying racist is bad enough but Nazi!  Anyone who calls Trump a Nazi is either ignorant of the meaning of the word or deliberately lying to mislead others – Pick one.  By using that approach, the only thing they’ve convinced me of is to avoid voting for Any Democrat in the foreseeable future. That’s a shame because I voted twice for Mike Beebe for Governor and I’m proud to be in a photo with him at the Governor’s Mansion.  I guess the Democrats need to wake up and forget the name calling.  Even many of their members are growing disappointed and the #WalkAway movement is growing (Democrats switching parties out of disgust).  However, if they really want to be kids again, I can teach them a neat little song called ‘The Name Game’!

End of rant.  Have a blessed day.