Dear Editor

The first thing I see when I check the news is our President looking like a mean Bulldog. Then this weekend we have demonstrators gathered for a PRAYER Rally looking like something out of Star Wars - Helmets, Shoulder Pads etc - that must have been some powerful Prayer. Then tonight on the news their talking about bulletproof school backpacks. Come on people where are we going. Maybe our president is our Nebuchadnezzar sent to see how low we can go before we look in the mirror and want to do better.

Our political parties are just money machines. The leadership shows no pushback on any of this. Don't want to take a chance of upsetting the base and lose control. I think the DEMS and GOP have about run their course. You know there have been other parties in this country. Parties come and go maybe it’s time for these two to go.

400 plus guys in the house and 70 plus in the Senate and not one can express an independent thought without the OK of the leadership - Doesn't it seem strange that only members of my party have a good idea - Don't think the founding fathers saw it that way - Don't know if they thought of political parties the way we have them today.

Churches on every corner - don't know what’s being preached, but don't think it’s much about Matt 22:39 - the 2nd greatest commandment.

Let’s be honest, if not for yourself is this the kind of society you want your grandkids to inherit.

Linn Hartman