My mind is ramblin between a number of different and unrelated subjects.  So many things are going on that it’s difficult to track all of them.  Here’s a partial listing in no specific order:

1.  Wet or Dry:  Dry won again!  This time the question never made it to the vote.  A small group of citizens dedicated to turning Cleburne County ‘Wet’ spent a bunch of time and money to gather enough signatures on their petition to get the subject on the ballot for this November.  Fortunately for those of us who like our county as it is, they ran out of time before they could get even close to the number of signatures they needed.  Now we have a 2 year breather before we might have to face the next attempt.  That’s fine with me and apparently with most of you as well.  Congratulations!

2.  Youth Center:   Dawn Teer, the Editor of the Sun-Times, wrote an editorial for last Friday’s paper in which she suggested Heber Springs look into the possibility of establishing a Youth Center.  I, for one, think it’s an excellent suggestion.  Our town has come a long way since I moved here 27 years ago (Even without being ‘Wet’).  Thanks to a number of our previous Mayors who were able to generate support for their visions we now have a beautiful Community Center, Aqua Center, state competition level ball fields and a small park in the middle of town with public restrooms among other things.  How about it Mayor Clark!  What’s your vision and does it include a Youth Center

3.  Voter ID:  Here we are, 3 months away from the midterm elections and the Democrats’ leaders still oppose requiring Voter ID!  They’re still using African Americans as scapegoats to justify their position.  I grew up in NYC, went to school with African Americans and served in the Army with them.  I’ve worked with them, for them and they’ve worked for me.  None have Ever had a problem with having an ID.  If I were an African American I’d be angry at the Democrats for using me and my race as patsies so they could continue trying to maintain power.  What other reason can you think of in today’s society for opposing something so basic as to help keep elections above board?  Have you seen the findings from the Ohio election where they found 170 voters who were older than the oldest person on Earth (115 years old) and they’re still on the voting roles?  At least 72 are known to have ‘cast votes’ in the current election.  Adding to the mess is the fact that Judicial Watch found 3.5 million more ‘registered voters’ on the roles than there were adults of voting age!  In Chicago, at least 119 people who had died years ago were still actively voting.  If you think that’s bad, try the fact that 256 deceased people in Southern California were miraculously casting ballots!  In Detroit, 37% of the precincts had voter count irregularities where counts were higher than the number who actually voted.  Some elections are won by small numbers of voters – On Both Sides!  Voting should be as squeaky clean as possible and requiring Voter ID is the 1st and easiest fix.  After that, it’s a matter of demanding accurate, hack proof and tamper proof voting machines not to mention weeding out corrupt election officials.  Everyone, Democrat, Republican or Independent should lobby for a national requirement for Voter ID.  If anyone opposes it you better start questioning their real motives!

4.  Immigration:  Ask those who support Illegal Immigration what other laws they want to flout.  Why bother having traffic lights, stop signs or speed limits?  Why can’t we bounce checks, print counterfeit money and steal from Walmart?  If they want a lawless society why should they stop with immigration?  Our lives, comfort, security and ownership all depend upon law and order as well as enforcing the laws as written.  We can’t decide which laws we’ll obey today and expect our society to keep functioning normally.  Why are the same people who oppose Voter ID also opposing the ICE and the control of our borders?

Why is the Democratic leadership along with the Democrats in congress in open opposition to law and order?  Several have even shown support for the thugs in Antifa as well as the MS13 gang!  All of the so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ are led and controlled by Democrats.  What is going on that I’ve missed?  Has their party been taken over by radicals trying to undermine our country?  We’re not talking political differences here – we’re talking basics like ‘Law and Order’.  That’s the glue that keeps our country together and provides a solid foundation for our families and our society.  Incredible!

5.  The Budget:  With our military actions winding down we can’t blame war for an Unbalanced National Budget.  It’s time for All voters on All sides of the aisle to get behind a Balanced Budget for the Federal Government!  Just our Interest Payment alone on the National Debt is the 5th Largest Expense in the Federal Budget (310 Billion Dollars this year).  That’s just the Interest!  Only Social Security, the Military, Medicare and Medicaid are above it.  That’s a sobering fact, even for a Dry County, which could lead someone to have ‘Ramblings of the Mind!  End of rant.  Have a blessed day.