While Cleburne County kids were going back to school this editor was vacationing by keeping her not quite 2 year old grandson out of preschool. While Momma and Daddy were scuba diving in the Caymans Yeah Yeah and Holden were playing and swimming in their pool.  There is absolutely nothing better than spending time with this lil guy.

I bet no one even realized I was gone out of town. Newspapers still went out on both Wednesday and Friday with news about Heber Springs and Cleburne County. It just took a little bit of planning and a little bit of working while on vacation. Since Holden goes to bed early it leaves time to do a little work before my own bedtime. Being mobile is the best part of my job. 

I’m looking forward to next week when my sister, Angela and her husband, Ed will be coming to spend a couple days of their vacation here in Heber Springs. I can’t wait to show them around this beautiful paradise. They live in Michigan, not far out of Detroit. I’m pretty sure our area is a little different than where they live. Not to mention a little warmer.

With school starting back things here at the paper are going to start getting really busy which is one of the reasons I have taken time off now, soon I won’t be able to.

Tonight I was interrupted while writing this column to go check out the event that was happening at Angie’s Fish Buffet. Volunteers from The Other Side provided the labor and Angie Mix, owner of Angie’s Fish Buffet, Angie’s Hideaway and The Dawg House in Quitman provided the food and the place for a fundraiser for a young couple who lost their infant son last Saturday. The baby was only 52 days old. My prayers go out to them. It is these kinds of events that this editor really likes to showcase. Not because of the tragedy of the couple losing their son. But because of the way this community rallied around to make this fundraiser a success. Greg and Angie Mix had a goal in mind, which I’m not revealing, but they surpassed that goal by one and a half times. That my friends is awesome in so many ways. With so many bad things that happen every day and just like with this tragedy, it is nice to know that we live in a community that has compassion. And it’s really nice to know that there are people like Greg and Angie Mix who put the needs of others in front of their profits. May others be motivated to copy the giving of their hearts and profits as you have.

Along this same note the father of the infant wants people to know in lieu of flowers they would like people to donate stuffed animals that they can donate to Arkansas Children’s Hospital where their son stayed for most of his very short life. Our prayers are with the family today and everyday.

Until next time…