Dear Editor,

The front page of The Sun Times on July 18th has an interesting article. Under the caption LOCAL it state "Desai endorsed for congress in Arkansas 'First District.” Nowhere does it say if he is Democrat, Republican, Socialist or Independent. Almost the entire article is composed from quotes from one Renay Williams, identified as one the leaders for NEA Indivisible.

So, who and what is this organization NEA Indivisible? My research on Google gave only a video featuring a meeting in Jonesboro on NEA Indivisible. This is what I interpreted from this video - they will:

1. Support and expand Obamacare 2. Work with Move (a radical far left organization) 4. Take a stand against the NRA 5. Support diversity - more Blacks and women in police and fire departments 6. Reduce state income taxes for the low-income group

This group has every right to support these left of center issues even though they are just the opposite of the dominant majority in our country and in Arkansas.

My question is why some of these "progressive" positions are not included in the Desai endorsement given to The Sun Times instead of the mumbo jumbo about progressive advocacy and holding the government accountable to the needs of all its constituents.

It is curious to determine the policy of The Sun Times on political propaganda such as this. The contents are nothing short of a paid political announcement found in other publications.

Jerry B. Jackson

Heber Springs, AR

Editor’s Note - this story was a press release submitted to The Sun Times from the NEA Indivisible group and not a paid ad as Mr. Jackson suggests. Chintan Desai has made several visits to Cleburne County to share his views with the constituents of this district. He is a Democrat. The endorsement of this group does not necessarily reflect Mr. Desai’s views, nor The Sun Times views.