I had company this week from Michigan. My sister, Angela, and her husband Ed Przybranowski drove in on their Route 66 trip. Now, I think they had to detour somewhat off of Route 66 to come visit me and my children, but they didn’t seem to mind. They arrived in Heber Springs on Sunday afternoon and visited with me for a few hours and then drove down to my daughter, Bethany’s so they could visit her family, as well as my other daughter, Sarah, who lives in Stuttgart. On Tuesday I drove down after my paper was finished and spent the afternoon by the pool with my sis, as her hubby cooked the whole family dinner. Ed is the cook at their house, and like me, enjoys cooking. Also like me, he isn’t great at cooking for a few, more like 10 or 15. I’m quite sure this is because Ed grew up with 7 brothers and 6 or 7 sisters. (I can never remember for sure).

My son, Joe, and his partner, Jamie, and my daughter Sarah came out for a family dinner. My son-in-law, Chance was in the field cutting rice, but we saved him plenty for when he came in.

Angela is my half-sister (we share our mother) but she was only a little shy of two when my parents got married. My Daddy treated her as if she were his biological child though, as he did Mom’s other children, Larry and Diana. When I got older I used to tell Angie that I believe Daddy fell in love with her, not Mom. She had long hair which was curly and she was absolutely adorable! Growing up, I was that annoying little sister who wanted to follow her around and more importantly play her 45’s! She would get so mad because she could never PROVE I was playing her records when she was gone, but she KNEW I was. And, yes I was! I was just smart enough to put them back exactly like I found them.

About 35 or 36 years ago she met her husband, Ed, they were married in June of 1986. To this day I think their wedding pictures are some of the best I’ve ever seen. They absolutely exude love for each other. That love is still there and stronger than ever. I envy that.

When we were hanging out by the pool (understand growing up my sisters competed in swimming at the Boys and Girls club) I told her I was gonna write this column about their visit. I’m not sure Ed believed me, but he should know I say what I mean and mean what I say.

They left out Wenesday morning headed to Fayetteville to visit a former co-worker of Ed’s. I think they were going to pick back up on their Route 66 tour after that and eventually wind up in California. Family is so important and in our too busy, world today we just don’t always get to spend time with our family. It is a sad commentary for our nation that this is the case.

Happy and safe travels, ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

Until next time...