The Mueller hearings have been going on since May 17, 2017 when he was appointed as the lead investigator by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.  This followed earlier investigations by the Justice Department dating back to 2016 when Trump’s campaign for office first began to show early signs of success.  Coincidence? 

     Over the past year and 4 months the investigation has taken more twists and turns than an Olympics slalom race.  Several indictments have been made and some targets have pleaded guilty to financial charges unrelated to the initial investigation.  The path has become so convoluted that it has become almost impossible for the average American to track.  Charges and counter-charges have become fodder for the news media but, despite massive efforts to tie a can to Trump’s tail they’ve failed.  Mueller’s teams consisting of over 17 lawyers and 36 investigative personnel, not counting additional support staff, has been working night and day and yet after almost a year and a half solid results are still not visible.  In the meantime the ‘investigation’ continues burning millions of taxpayer funds along the way.  Is the investigation a political football aimed at tarnishing Trump’s public image or a partisan attempt to shift the voting public toward the Democrats?  The jury is still out on that question.

     A number of unexpected facts have surfaced which were never the initial focuses of the investigation.  Included among them are the hacking of the DNC servers by foreign nationals, the employment by Democrats in congress of foreign nationals giving them access to confidential information (Senator Pelosi, ex-DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz)  plus the internal collusion by the FBI and Justice Department to conduct a campaign against Trump!  To date, the most explosive discoveries unearthed by the investigation have nothing to do with Trump.  Is there a ‘Deep State’ in our government?  Mueller’s team inadvertently discovered one in its own Justice Department!  The discovery that government officials are actively trying to influence the outcome of elections is chilling to say the least!  Naturally the national media shifted gears immediately when the election interference by our own Justice Department and FBI were revealed – well, maybe not!  Since it reinforced Trump’s position it was all buried or on page 25 of a 24 page newspaper!  Collusion? - Look at our own news media!

     The sad part of this mess is that the news media and ‘entertainment’ industry have become so obsessed with trying to find dirt that will stick to Trump that they’re continually overlooking positive news events of major importance.  If it reflects well on Trump they’ve made a conscious decision Not to present it to the public.  George Orwell was right even if a little late.  Big Brother has arrived and the national news media is playing a key part in propping him up!  Don’t look behind the news curtain – you might actually find that the country is on the right track rather than knee deep in doom and gloom as they and their cohorts on the left are trying to portray it!

     The other interesting item which most of the news media ignore since it doesn’t fit their agenda is the continuing calls for the impeachment of Trump without a shred of evidence to support any impeachable charges!  The Only thing apparently driving this is another attempt to Influence the Upcoming midterm Elections by one of our own political parties – the Democrats.  Again we’ve met the enemy and they are Us – Not the Russians!  This is not to discount the attempts by international interests to direct our internal politics.  If anyone noticed, Trump has ordered major efforts by the government to protect our elections from outside influences in future elections.  Obama’s position while President was to discount the warnings and to take No Action!

     Where do we go from here?  The investigation will continue even though it’s badly tainted by internal corruption.  Will it bear fruit?  At this point we simply have no idea.  The facts discovered to date do support further investigation but, not directed at Trump.  Mueller’s team unexpectedly unearthed more questions than answers particularly on the ‘Pay to Play’ influence peddling by the Clinton’s foundation which raised hundreds of millions of dollars to support their family’s lifestyle and wealth but, little for charity.  Particularly interesting is the fact that a huge amount of the money ‘raised’ by the Clinton’s came in conjunction with Hillary and Obama’s sale of our uranium resources to the Russians.  The paper trail undeniably shows a solid lead to Russian influence but, it leads to the Clintons rather than Trump.  No news here and you probably won’t see much about it in the media.

     The upcoming midterm elections will definitely be a hotbed of intrigue, fireworks, and a good precursor to the next Presidential election in 2020.  Don’t expect the media to reform itself before that event arrives.  Like the universities and our entertainment industry, the left has taken control of the media while following the Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals along with the ‘Communist Rules for Revolution’.  Note, the ‘Communist Rules for Revolution’ purportedly was discovered in 1919 in Germany but, that has since been discounted and the source is unknown.  However, the tenets do fit well with today’s social environment, regardless of the source.  You’ll have to decide if we’re seeing Foreign Influence or Dirty Politics?  

End of rant.  Have a blessed day.