So much has been going on here in Heber Springs lately. Seriously, I have met myself coming and going, and ran over myself a time or two. Sometimes being this busy just keeps me going in circles. It doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon either. The Ozark Trail Festival starts today, the Business Expo was yesterday and next Monday I am a panelist in the AETN Debates. The debate will be taped live and aired Monday night at 8 p.m. I’m excited, nervous and hope I don’t mess up on tv. Throughout this election season I have learned a lot of things I haven’t realized before. Such as several candidates and already in office officials have deleted their Facebook accounts and other social media accounts. Why do you think this is? Maybe they got tired of people’s mean comments on their pages. I, for one, can totally relate to that.

Next week though I am taking a couple days off before my birthday (on Friday) and then going to spend my birthday with my grandson and then the next day help his Mom (my daughter, Bethany) prepare for his birthday party on Saturday. Holden’s birthday is actually on October 17, but that falls on a Wednesday, so we will have his party on Saturday when his friends can come celebrate too. It should be a fun day. It’s hard to believe he is fixing to turn two. How time flies and how he has grown! I just know I’ll turn around and he will be entering kindergarten. Make it stop! I want him to stay little!

Last Wednesday I was blessed to be in attendance for a 73rd anniversary. Bob and Margaret Nobles, both 93 years old, celebrated their 73rd anniversary. That’s pretty amazing. What blessed me the most is as they were being serenaded by the Heber Springs High School Jazz Band, they were holding hands. That is definitely something to be celebrated! I was blessed to be in their presence. Thanks to their son, Steve Noble for inviting me to their celebration.

Before you know it we are going to be into Thanksgiving and Christmas. I used to be so good at having all my Christmas knocked out before Thanksgiving. These days, not so much. It’s hard to even think about Christmas when it is pushing 90 degrees outside. I remember growing up, you didn’t see Christmas decorations in the stores until after Halloween. I wish it was still like that. Christmas has become so commercialized and the real meaning has been forgotten. Christmas is supposed to be about family and love. The love that Jesus had when he came to earth to die for us. Can we get back to that?

Until next time…