As we are a little less than a month away from the midterm elections, I hope that each of you will strive to be an informed voter. Our country was founded for freedom, not for partisanship. The recent Confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh have really shown what some of the politicians are made of. It’s not good. The hearings  reminded me of the Salem Witch Trials. If you studied these in school, you know that people were accused of being witches and they were burned at the stake. No evidence was needed, just another person saying they were a witch. If I were Kavanaugh, I think I couldn’t have held my tongue as much as he has. Seriously, how many of the Senator’s who were asking stupid questions could tell us where they were and what they were doing with whom, 35 years ago? Can you? Nothing against Dr. Ford, but considering she hasn’t said a word about being groped 35 years ago until now, how can she remember who did what 35 years ago? It makes me angry because whether or not she was groped by Judge Kavanaugh, no one actually knows and will never know. And considering it was 35 years ago, why has she chosen now to come forward? If she was so traumatized by the event, maybe she should have spoken up then. I hope that girls who are groped as she says she was, will not follow her example to keep quiet for 35 years. It is so important that girls and woman who are really assaulted in this manner learn to speak up when incidents happen, not wait 35 years.

To women everywhere, don’t be victims. Speak up! If you are assaulted, tell the police, have a rape kit done, get evidence against your attacker. Get justice, the sooner the better. Don’t let the attack define you. Then the attacker wins. And don’t wait 35 years to come forward. What so many women have failed to notice in this whole hearing mess is that Dr. Ford didn’t help women’s causes any. In my opinion, she has set them back again. One reason that women who say they were assaulted are not believed is because of women like Ford who don’t speak up when an incident happens. They wait 10, 20 and even 30 years to speak up. Then, when they do, it seems to be an attention getting move. I know that for many women there is shame and guilt associated with sexual assault. It need not be that way. In fact, it should NEVER be that way. I don’t know what it will take to get people to change their mentality about sexual assault, but it has to start somewhere. It can start with me and with you, today. It will take supporting real victims when they come forward. It will also take listening to a victim when she does come forward, and following up to gather evidence so that her assailant can be prosecuted. Then it will take law enforcement, prosecutors and juries listening to the evidence, and evidence alone. Then based on evidence assailants should be punished, not a slap on the wrists for their crimes. Prison is supposed to be a deterrent to committing crimes. Make the punishment fit the crime. Stop putting drug users in prison and put real criminals in prison. Get drug users the help they need and put rapists in prison.

As a woman, I am insulted by what is happening in the Senate right now. Kavanaugh and his family are being dragged through the mud because of an incident that allegedly happened 35 years ago. I haven’t seen one piece of real evidence that it did and doubt we will. I mean there were seven FBI investigations into him. When is it going to stop? When are we going to remember that in this country, people are supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Not the court of public opinion. Have you ever tried to prove you didn’t do something? It’s impossible. The accusers know this.

They know if they can just sling enough mud, they can win. Do they even care about the innocent people being affected? I think not. In almost every state, according to crime statistics, in 2009, the statute of limitations on sexual assault ranged from 3 years to 30 years after the assault.  (That is the farthest back I could find.) I find it odd that Dr. Ford waited 35 years to speak up. I don’t think the limitations are retroactive. What does she have to gain, you say? Let’s see, I bet she has a book deal in the works, no matter the outcome of the hearing, maybe even a movie of the week. Not to mention all the attention she is getting on television right now. As any parent knows, children will seek attention, good or bad. It’s attention.

How many of you have done something in high school or college that you would not want plastered on the front page of every newspaper and every news broadcast 35 years later? I am just glad we didn’t have Facebook when I was a teenager. Aren’t you?

Until next time...