Next Tuesday is an important day for our nation, our state, our county and even our town. It is election day. Of course, I know that many have voted during the early voting time, which is a great thing. By voting early you don’t have to deal with long lines on election day. Whenever you voted/vote though, the important thing to remember is to vote. Many times during an election people go to the polls and vote for the name they know or the candidate they know and sometimes they just vote for the incumbent or vote against the incumbent without an actual reason to vote that way. But really, you should listen to the candidates, sit down and talk to them. Find out where they stand on the issues that are important to you, then make your decision based on that. Don’t just tow the party line.

I heard at a meeting where the head of the meeting actually told those in the audience they “had” to vote for a certain party. The last time I checked we were still living in a democracy where people have the right to vote for whoever they want, regardless of the party affiliation.  That is how it should be. Not every candidate or party will reflect everything you agree with, frankly I’d be worried if they did. If you were to merely vote like the party tells you to, then you have allowed them to take away your freedom and right to vote. I have never and will never vote solely based on party affiliation and I hope you don’t either. Both parties have had bad apples, both parties have had crooks and both parties have had people who were not in the office to serve the constituents, the ones who got them there.

That being the case, that’s why it is so important to do your research. Don’t believe what commercials on tv say, you know they have an agenda and they aren’t always accurate or truthful. The commercials are aired to sway your vote one way or another, that’s why they are commercials or advertisements. They don’t have to be truthful. They are not the newspaper, which has an obligation to report truth. Not everyone likes the truth but it must be reported. That’s why this newspaper has done series entitled, “Getting to Know Your Local Candidate”. In today’s paper you will find the latest two stories on the two candidates for County Judge, Jerry Holmes and Tom Mix. If you have questions that aren’t answered from the articles, both Holmes and Mix have offices right downtown, go see them and ask them your questions. Holmes office is at Third and Main, you may want to call first. Mix has an office at Second and Main and is usually there from 9 a.m. until at least 4 p.m.

People often forget that people in office can be very good people. Even good people can make mistakes and make decisions that aren’t the best for everyone involved. That doesn’t mean they are not good people, it just means they are human. If you make the effort to be an informed voter, then you will make an informed choice in the voting booth. That has got to be a good thing.

I’ll be at the courthouse Tuesday night waiting to report the results as they come in and will be posting them on our Facebook page as they come in. I’ll bring snacks for everyone there as well.

Until next time...