Now that the mid-term elections of 2018 are behind us it’s time to look forward to what we should expect from those we’ve elected!  Forget Left/Right and Democrat or Republican.  The representatives in both the House and Senate are Our Employees!  We put them there with our votes.  We need to make sure they earn their salaries, pensions, benefits and the Trust we put in them to do their job in managing our country!  I’m sick of watching them play the Hatfields vs. the McCoys with their childish shenanigans while they posture and preen for the media. We’re paying them good money and we should Demand results! They have to dispense with their petty feuds and focus on the one major unresolved issue dividing us - Illegal Immigration!  Everyone needs to check their emotions and look at the situation calmly and logically – It won’t go away!.  The problem is in two parts:

A.  How do we prevent more illegal aliens from coming in?

B.  What do we do with the 12 million illegal aliens already inside our country?

The 1st thing to understand is that we can’t do anything to fix Problem A without also fixing Problem B and vice versa!  So which one should we fix first?  Face reality - We aren’t going to expel or jail 12 million illegals but, neither can we ignore them! Regardless of personal beliefs, there’s only one practical approach to resolve this dilemma.  Use the analogy of a flooded basement.  Your house has a bad leak and your basement is flooding.  Should you try to drain your basement first or should you try to find and fix the leak?  The solution is obvious. You have to stop the leak first before you can drain the basement.  The same is true with our illegal alien problem.

     A.  Build the Wall!  Stop or reduce the flood and return it to a manageable, controlled flow.  Only after accomplishing that can you address the problem of the 12 million already inside our borders!  No-one wants a wall but, the flood of illegals violating our laws and straining our resources makes it necessary.  Past attempts to control it have failed miserably and simply encouraged greater violations.  Congress has to work together to finance the wall regardless of party affiliation.  We should demand it!  The wall will serve the same purpose as the doors on your house – They allow you to control who has access to your home.  If you don’t have a door, it’s an open invitation for anyone, including those who might wish you and your family harm, to enter at will. The doors do not mean you don’t want visitors (except maybe your crazy Aunt or your weird Uncle), they simply put you in control of your home and provide security for your family.  The same is true for the wall.  It will channel all visitors to the Ports of Entry where applicants can register for admittance. It won’t stop all of the illegals from entering but, based upon our experience, it will reduce it by 90 to 95%. We’ll still have the normal legal immigration flow leading to legal citizenship and our nation will be back in control of a now orderly process.  Once Problem A is solved we can  then look at Problem B - handling the illegals already inside our border.

     B.  Process the 12 Million!  Once the uncontrolled influx has been stopped we have to register the 12 million already here.  As each one is vetted and the problem ones are weeded out and deported, the remainder can be issued visas. However, since they broke our laws entering illegally they won’t become full citizens.  Breaking the law cannot be overlooked nor can it be fully rewarded.  They avoided the legal process which was available to them by ‘breaking into our country’ to bypass those who were doing it legally!  They can remain here, if they wish, and hold jobs but, they won’t have the full rights of legal citizens such as voting privileges!  If they have children that were born here then those children will have full citizenship just like every American. However, if those children were brought in illegally they would be treated just like their parents.  If the child was under the age of 18 when they illegally entered with their parents they would be given the option of gaining full citizenship through military service with an honorable discharge or a minimum of two years satisfactory service in the Peace Corps. They will then have earned the right.

     To encourage the illegals to come forward and be registered, the already existing E-Verify employment monitoring program would be expanded to all businesses. This program blocks illegal aliens from receiving jobs or benefits which should hopefully encourage them to register and receive their visa.  Any business that fails to validate the employment status of an applicant would be punished severely. Should any adult provisional citizens with visas accumulate a certain number of criminal convictions or are found guilty of certain types of major felonies they will be subject to deportation as undesirables.  Their families would not be affected by this action.

     There is no one perfect solution but, I believe this is the most practical and humane approach possible.  It may not satisfy everyone but, no solution ever will.  It’s time to Transform Illegals into Legals!  

End of rant.  Have a blessed day.