There are only 23 days until Christmas. Holy Smokes! Where have the last three months gone? It seems like just yesterday the kids were going back to school, it was still hot outside and winter was nowhere in sight. That should change tonight. Forecasters are telling people to be prepared for winter weather late tonight and Saturday. Good news is, it should all be gone by Monday. Of course, that’s only if the weathermen are right. It seems like whenever they predict a lot of winter weather, nothing happens. When they don’t predict a lot of accumulation, a foot of snow falls. Just kidding weathermen. (not really lol).

One of the greatest things about the holidays is all the beautiful lighting displays. Have you been by Spring Park lately? It is beautiful, though it seems that lights are only on one side of the park. This week I and a friend, Shelly, who had come to visit me, drove over to Batesville to see the White River Wonderland lighting display and it was so beautiful! We drove through, walked through and rode the horse-drawn carriage through the park. The only that would have made it better was to have snow falling as we listened to Christmas music and the bells on the carriage. Of course, I wouldn’t have wanted to drive back in that weather, not on the mountains surrounding Batesville.

On Wednesday, I received an invite to the Cleburne County Search and Rescue training happening at the Rock Quarry, here in Heber Springs. Wow, if I wasn’t already impressed with how our fire departments train, I really am now. Members from Pine Snag/Lobo fire department, Wilburn and Prim fire departments showed up in the cold, cold evening to learn the proper ways to “rig” and “belay” in cases where a rescue may occur on a bluff or a mountain. I’ll be posting a video to The Sun Times facebook page today. You will see Mark Turner, Asst. Chief for PS/L as he repels down the side of a bluff/mountain and stands up straight out from it (read as he is laying down straight out from the face of the bluff) and makes it look so easy. These volunteers go through training for this community, so that they may always put forth their best effort should someone need them. Pretty amazing when you think about it. Thanks for letting this editor witness this training, next time I think I’ll build a fire to keep warm or wear my thermals lol.

Until next time...