77 years ago today our country was swept into a war we didn’t want and one that many pacifists opposed!  Our army consisted of 175,000 active troops and 18 other countries had larger military forces than we did including Portugal!  At the time Germany attacked Poland in 1939 America was not the world leader it is today and preferred to isolate itself from problems in the world particularly those problems relating to Central Europe where just 20 years earlier we had become engaged in WW!.  Despite the fact that FDR and the USA had been key promoters of the League of Nations formed after WW! America never joined!  When FDR put it up for a vote it was rejected. 

     The sad fact is that one of the successes of the League of Nations actually led to its downfall and helped to create WWII.  In their focus on peace, the League called for disarmament and the downsizing of the military.  Unfortunately Germany was Not a member but, other central European countries like Poland were.  In effect, the League emboldened Hitler while weakening his opposition.  As Germany became stronger their neighbors became ‘sitting ducks’ ripe for the taking!  Like a gang of schoolyard bullies, Germany, Italy and Japan grew to dominance and exercised their might to expand their influence bringing on WWII.

     Today, 3 generations later, our society has evolved in ways that couldn’t be foreseen back in the early 1940’s driven primarily by increasingly rapid advances in technology.  Our country learned from the mistakes preceding WWII and recognized that a strong military was the most effective path to peace despite the cries of the pacifists who regarded everything military as a waste of money.  Unfortunately, we still have some in leadership capacities who haven’t studied history and are ignorant of human dynamics.  Left alone, they’d drag us unknowingly and unwittingly into the next major conflagration and with today’s weapons, it could finally be the war to end all wars – for Us!

All of this brings up several observations:

     1st:  We live in peace today thanks to the bravery, pain and sacrifices of almost 9 million members of our armed forces during WWII, the vast majority of whom are no longer with us today.  We also have to include the leadership of FDR, George Marshall, Eisenhower and other war time leaders who guided us through a dark time.  Don’t forget our civilians who labored in war industries and made do with what they had under severe shortages from gas to butter in order to give our military the tools they needed to win!  Today would be a great day to remember them and their service.

     2nd:  Pacifism is a luxury provided by those who are willing to serve their country.  Pacifism can also encourage aggression rather than discourage it!  It’s true in international politics as well as in our local schools and neighborhoods.  A school yard bully will only be controlled by what they see as a greater force.  If that force isn’t there you have another mini-Hitler running loose!  You need to discuss the real dangers of bullying with your kids and help them to handle the problem if it arises.  Timely action is critical!  Involve the school administration and encourage your kids to talk freely with you about their lives, hopes and fears and to recognize bullying for what it is.

     3rd:  Disarmament and Pollyanna thinking go hand in glove!  Good guys with guns have won every war we’ve been committed to!  They won WWII and prevented an even greater tragedy than what had already occurred.  America needs to have and maintain a strong military to dissuade any country with bad intentions to think twice before committing armed action against us. Our standing army now is roughly 485,000.  Had President Trump allowed Obama’s cuts to continue we’d be down to 450,000 today.  Those pacifists who decry the cost of maintaining our military strength or who would rather see the military defense funds go toward social programs or more preparation for global warming/cooling whatever the latest weather fad is, fail to understand the dynamics of international chess.  Israel’s motto is, “Never Again”!  They’ve learned.  Have you?

     4th:  Gun Control by well meaning but foolish politicians simply means that they are trying to disarm the good guys while emboldening the bad guys.  Just look at all of the examples in plain sight around you and rethink your aversion to guns. The vast majority of mass shootings have occurred in zones already restricted against guns.  Chicago is used as an illustration of the fallacy of restrictive gun laws for a reason.  They have some of the toughest gun laws in the country yet; the impact on gun crime has been minimal to non-existent!  If you’re one of those who still cling to the need for more gun laws then you’ve missed the point or you’re one of those people who are unable to face reality much less understand it!  Also, our almost 14 million hunters add substantially to our standing army for national defense.

     Our defense program is all that stands against aggression against us by nations that would love to obtain our resources and control our population.  If you want to devote your time to peaceable pursuits – Thank your Military and those who chose to serve!  Without them, you wouldn’t be able to celebrate your Freedom in 2018!

End of rant.  Have a blessed day.