In the last column I shared my thoughts on the need for a wall to protect our Southern border.  The problem is not new.  The need to resolve the illegal immigration problem is older than many voters are today.  Each administration has kicked the problem down the road but Trump, like Truman, has said, “The buck stops here!”  One of the key promises of Trump’s presidential campaign was to build a wall to sharply reduce the influx of drugs, human traffickers, potential terrorists and illegals coming through our border with Mexico.  He obviously intends to keep his promise!

     Keep in mind we really don’t want the wall but, our neighbors to the South have forced it on us because the governments in Central and South America haven’t done their jobs.  If they had stopped this influx at their end we wouldn’t have this problem.  Instead, like our own politicians, they’ve ignored it!  Mexico, instead of enforcing their own laws, has allowed the illegals to cross their borders by failing to reinforce them.  Mexicans have formed the majority of the illegals over the years and Mexico hasn’t expended the manpower or money necessary to prevent or control it.  This shifts the responsibility and cost to us!  Is it fair?  No, but now it’s necessary!

     Once Trump was elected, the Democrats suddenly switched from wanting increased border security and a wall to wanting open borders and sanctuary states.  Both written and video records clearly show that the Clintons, Obama, Schumer, Pelosi and other Democrats demanded border security AND a wall to stop the flow of illegals when Clinton and Obama were in office! They even voted for wall funding but, never followed through.  They’ve Never offered any reasons for their sudden switch - They just ignore the questions.  Unfortunately, our national media is so deeply in bed with the Democrats that they won’t ask them the hard questions.  One suggestion for their switch is that the Democrats want the illegals to see them as their saviors and thereby guarantee their votes once they find a way to ‘legalize’ them.  Some Democrat strongholds are even allowing illegals to vote and have driver’s licenses and sanctuary!  The Democrats deflect criticism by downplaying the need for a wall while ignoring the mounting evidence for it.  They claim that a wall is ineffective despite mountains of proof that it greatly reduces illegals, drug running and human trafficking wherever it’s built.  Democrat leaders have stated they won’t support a wall but, fail to offer anything specific as a solution to the problem other than to lamely admit that we need, “more border security”.  I believe the real answer is that The Democrats are committed to blocking Trump just so he can’t fulfill his campaign promise which they believe would weaken his candidacy for re-election in 2020.

     Compounding the problem has been the lack of unity from a couple of Republican members of congress which became a roadblock and a source of frustration. Most have thankfully been voted out but, the Democrat’s regaining control of the house in the mid-term election will strengthen their position against border security.

     Trump has refused to approve the budget offered by congress unless it contains wall funding.  Without a budget we have a federal government shutdown.  Now it’s a matter of who blinks first.  The 5.1 billion Trump has requested only amounts to less than One Percent of the federal budget!  With a shutdown in sight Trump stayed in DC except for visiting the troops over Christmas.  Instead of his request to work through the holiday to resolve the budget disagreement Pelosi went to Hawaii on vacation while Federal employees faced furloughs.  She and the Democrats have offered an interim spending bill to fund the government which will leave Only our Border Patrol on furlough through February knowing that Trump would never sign such a ridiculous attempt at a compromise.

     On a side note, one of the most frustrating things to me is that all members of congress who are at the center of this problem will continue to receive their salaries despite the shutdown!  I should note that at least 5 Republicans have stepped up and said they wouldn’t take any pay until After the impasse ends.  One of them is French Hill from the 2nd Congressional District in Arkansas (Conway and Little Rock).  Several others said they would donate theirs to charity including one Democrat.  Kudos to them!  Please note that Trump doesn’t take his pay.  Instead, he donates it all to different charities each quarter.

     Trump pointed out that the 1st thing Obama did after he left the White House was to have a 10’ high wall built around the home he bought.  Just like the Hollywood elites, it’s a case of, ‘Do as I say – Not as I do!’  This could be a long haul for many of the federal employees affected by the shutdown.  A member of my family is one of them and I hate to see it.  The innocent are being injured and held hostage by the Democrats simply because our President is trying to do the job he is responsible for and was elected to do – Maintain our country’s security!  If the Democrats would accept their responsibility, do their job and quit playing politics the shutdown will end and we’ll have THE WALL!

End of rant.  Have a blessed day.