Are you as tired of hearing about The Wall as I am in writing about it?  Today the saga continues as the impasse between the GOP and the Democrats is in a temporary 3 week hold.  Blame is rampant on both sides and the truth lies, as usual, somewhere in the middle. 

     Figures lie and Liars figure!  This old adage becomes more relevant in today’s era of the internet and Fact Check.  In researching facts for this article I noticed a general bias by the search engine Google in favor of the Democrats.  When I asked for the history of voting by Democrats for wall funding in the past, Google misdirected the question no matter how I worded it – particularly regarding Pelosi.  A survey showed that 96% of the results from Google searches were from left leaning anti-Trump news sources.  When I used Fact Check to validate certain statements Politifact was one of the worst in responding with, “Yes, But”!  An example is when both a Republican and a Democrat made an identical claim regarding a historic fact – Politifact scored the Republican’s statement as “Half True” while the Democrat’s was “Mostly True” (Ron Paul and Jim Webb).  This is just one of the traps placed in our path by the so-called truthsayers of the media and internet.  Note that the owner of Politifact (Tampa Bay Times) avidly supported Hillary in 2016 – Bias anyone?

     Earlier this month Nancy Pelosi, Democrat House Leader, called the border wall “Immoral”.  She also flatly refused any interest in negotiating with Trump for funding The Wall which resulted in Trump saying “bye bye” and walking out of their meeting.  On the other hand, Pelosi and Schumer, Did Vote to fund a wall for Obama as recently as 2013!  Wow!  What a reversal.  7 years earlier, Obama, Schumer and Hillary voted for the 2006 “Secure Fence Act’ authorizing the spending of just under a billion dollars to fund a barrier along the Texas-Mexico border near El Paso.  If we go back to 1995 we also see President Clinton signing a bill approving the 1st Wall on our southern border between San Diego and Tijuana.  Today, local residents and law enforcement praise that wall for drastically reducing both the influx of illegals and crime in their city. 

     Although Pelosi claims a wall is immoral please note that she has one around her mansion in California.  When activists, accompanied by illegals from South America, recently climbed her wall and entered her property Pelosi immediately called the police to have them arrested!  

     The Democrats say that they will fund improved technology to stop illegals from entering the country but, they won’t fund more walls.  They claim technology can scan cars and trucks at the border entry ports for illegals and drugs which fails to explain how it will block those who cross the border where there are no ports of entry.  Actually, the problem isn’t as bad as it used to be but, we’re still looking at roughly 400,000 illegal border crossings a year.  Interviews with those who illegally crossed revealed that 60 – 80% of the girls and women had been raped Before they could even reach the border.  In addition, there were 107,212 unaccompanied minors picked up by the border patrol in 2018 alone.  At the end of the year only 131 children still in custody.  Of those, 90% of their parents had refused reunification or the parents were found to be unfit.  Those numbers reflect the incredible job being done by our Homeland Security.  Despite that, the news media still vilifies Trump for dividing families at the border while ignoring the same approach used by Clinton and Obama during their terms.  If you think 5.1 Billion for a wall is a lot, remember that congress gives the State Dept. 49 Billion Dollars Every Year for Foreign Aid and many of those countries which are the beneficiaries of it have been using the funds to Build Walls to protect Their borders! 

     Media pundits have recently made a joke out of Pelosi ‘beating’ Trump on the wall issue since he ‘caved’.  What they fail to see is that Trump showed far more compassion for those being hurt by the border wall impasse by instituting temporary funding for the federal workers.  He did this After the GOP was rebuffed in their offer to pay federal workers during the shutdown by the Democrats voting almost unanimously to block their proposal!  Trump knew his humanitarian move would be roasted by the press and even by several of his own supporters but, he did it anyway.  It was a class move which has been unrecognized by a classless audience.  Trump realized that he was trying to negotiate with a group led by people who had no intention of negotiating.  Pelosi and Schumer were committed to blocking every move Trump made despite the reality of the situation and the harm it was bringing to our country.  They held their ground even to the point of sacrificing the financial wellbeing of the federal workers who were being held hostage to their stubbornness which defied any hint of common sense.  BTW – If you ask the Israelis about walls they’ll tell you how much they love theirs.  It brought an average of almost 1,000 suicide bombings a year down to Zero!  Just another fact to be ignored in the potpourri!

End of rant.  Have a blessed day.