I have to give a shout out to Cowboy Chevrolet’s Brad West and Shaun Gorham for helping this editor out by loaning me a car while mine is in the shop. Since part of my job requires being out in the community and covering meetings and events, it is vital that I have a vehicle to drive. Someone forgot to tell my car not to break down because Monday evening mine did. Thank goodness I carry roadside assistance and that Christina Cox answered my call when I called to get a ride to my house after it quit. Hopefully, I’ll be back in my own car soon. I really appreciate Cowboy for helping me to continue doing my job serving this community!

If you haven’t been following the Quitman basketball teams during the regional tournament in Carlisle then you are missing some kids with real heart! Tuesday night I went to Carlisle to take pictures during the game because neither of my sports reporters could make it. I was a couple minutes late because i forgot Carlisle had a new high school and gym and went to the old one. Luckily i have friends in Carlisle and went by and asked them where was the tournament taking place. After she quit laughing because I had forgotten about the new school and gym, I zipped over to the game. When I walked in, Quitman was down by 12 points. But, next thing you know, the boys had come back and at halftime they were leading. They continued to play and play with real heart and at the end of the game, they won. I think something that really helped those kids was all the Quitman fans in the stands who had made the trip down to Carlisle. Both sides of the court were filled with Quitman fans, including the Superintendent Dennis Truxler and High School Principal Michael Stacks. The fans were not silent either! I have covered sporting events in several school districts and it is always great to see fans come out to support their kids. Supporting them even in times of loss. Dewitt schools are one of those schools that really support their kids, too. When I lived down in Gillett, I covered the sporting events there and I can tell you it always made me proud of that town when the kids weren’t having a winning year and yet those bleachers would be filled with fans cheering them on, win or lose. That, in my opinion, has got to help those kids feel loved and supported.  Tuesday night there were more fans in those stands at an away game than I have seen at many home games for other districts Attaboy Quitman!!

I hope to go back down to Carlisle for Friday’s games, not because I have to, but because I want to support those kids too. Win or lose. If heart accounts for anything though, they will definitely win!

Parents, support your kids, go their games (if possible) and let them know you are proud of them for keeping on no matter what. It will affect your kids in ways you can’t even imagine. Go Quitman.

Until next time...