Dear Editor,

As a community care nurse, I see clients that are elderly and disabled throughout Cleburne and Independence counties.  This week I had one patient in Heber Springs and another near Concord report receiving multiple phone calls from people claiming to be with Medicaid and Home Health requesting personal information such as social security numbers, Birthdays, and annual income.  If you ever receive any of these calls, do not give out any information.  Call your local DHS or social security office number, never call the number they caller leaves you.

I received a voicemail myself this morning that stated there was fraud reported on my social security number.  Out of curiosity I called the number back and they answered “social security department”.   I told them I received a voicemail but I was sure it was fraud, so I was reporting them.  The female that answered the phone stated, “if you know it’s fraud why would you call you [expletive expletive]!  And the line disconnected.

These have been reported to the local sheriffs department and attorney general Leslie Rutledge.  It’s also our duty to report to our citizens so that we can help keep our County safe from fraud.  Please, be aware there is an increased amount of fraudulent phone calls happening in our area at this time.  If you feel like you have been a victim of fraud please contact your local sheriffs department immediately.

Thank you,

Christina Cox, RN/photographer

Heber Springs