This weekend has a very special event happening in Little Rock at Verizon Arena, Marvel Universe Live is set to bring in superheroes and villains to perform in an action packed show. The Sun Times joined with The Lake 101.9 to give away several family fun packs to attend the opening night event. Congratulations to the winners!

I, along with my family and some of their friends will be attending the show on Saturday morning. I know my grandson, Holden and his best friend, Connor are going to have a blast. By the time you are reading this column, I will have attended a media day where I get to see some of the background, behind the stage happenings. I will probably have a story on this next Wednesday.

As most of you regular followers of my column know, I speak my mind about things I can’t in a news story. Some would say that I am not allowed to have opinions, even in my opinion column. Frankly, I think people who think that obviously don’t have any of their own. In today’s world there are way to many followers, who refuse to use the brain that God gave them. They think if they just suck up to the right (in their mind anyway) people, they can just ride the coattails of said person. But what about when that person isn’t the person that others think they are? There are so many people out there who are just fakes. They say the right things, donate to the right causes, show up at the right fundraiser events. They may even do some really good things in their community. Inside though, they have black hearts. Everything they do has an agenda to further their own causes and while they may act like they have others best interests at heart, it is just another part of their act.

If you will just sit back and watch and listen, though, you can spot the fakers. Unless you are one. Then you can justify your behavior in so many ways, but God knows what your motivation is. He knows your heart and he knows your plan. You may have success for awhile, even years, but I promise you, the day will come when your carefully faked walls will come crashing down exposing you for the evil person that you are.

Christ was clear when he told the disciples to watch out for the wolves in sheeps clothing. That is so appropriate for today, just as it was in His time. Have you ever wondered why the people who are evil can be so successful? It is because the devil doesn’t harass them, he already owns them. It’s those who have pure hearts and truly unselfish motives that he works overtime on. Because he knows that it hurts God to see His people suffer.

Who do you follow? Who do you look up to? Look at their hearts, watch what they do when they think no one is watching or when no one is around to give them the glory they think they deserve. I think you will be surprised.