Spring has finally arrived! It doesn’t matter what is going on in my life, a day in the dirt makes everything better! Last Saturday, I worked all afternoon in my flower beds and they look so good! Of course I paid for it on Sunday when I could hardly get out of bed. An hour in the therapeutic pool at the Community Center’s Therapy pool helped that though. I felt so good when I got done, I almost messed myself up again by finishing my mulching. I didn’t though. I had a couple friends over, Tammy and Cecil, and Cecil was sweet enough to finish my mulching while I prepared dinner. It’s great to have friends who will help you out! Of course, a steak dinner reward doesn’t hurt.

I had a really great weekend last weekend, one of my very good friends, Shelly, brought her daughter Teighlor up for senior pictures. So we went to Bridal Veil Falls, Collins Creek and the Courthouse, where we took a multitude of pictures. The digital camera makes life so much easier when it comes to taking pictures like these. You can upload them to a computer and look at what you have and then go have prints made. It makes them quite affordable and gives more selection. I can’t wait to see which Teighlor chooses to use and make prints of. I hope Teighlor had as much fun as me!

Speaking of Teighlor, we also went to Searcy on Friday night for the Business Revolution announcement of the six businesses that won the help for their businesses in the recent contest. I had went to interview Amy Burton, the head of the Main Street project in Searcy. You’ll see a story on that soon. Anyway, as I usually do, I had a recorder with me to record the interview. After I was done, I handed my recorder to Teighlor since she had a purse and I didn’t. As luck would have it, I forgot that when I got home. On Monday, I start trying to remember where I had my recorder last. Luckily, I have a back up. Tuesday, I realized I had used it last in Searcy and called to see if sure enough I had left it with Teighlor and yep I had. So I took a little road trip down to her and picked it up. Yay! 

So, that summed up my weekend, where for once, I did very little work. Hope yours was great as well!

Until next time...