Supposedly there is an ancient Chinese Curse that is often quoted which dooms the designated person to “live in Interesting Times”.  Although no-one has been able to identify this curse as historically valid that doesn’t change the fact that we are, indeed, living in ‘interesting times’!  Examples of this abound and new ones seem to surface daily.   Two of the most recent illustrations are the Mueller Report and the Smollett Case.  Let’s take them in order:

     The Mueller Report!  Future students of history will be studying this investigation for years to come.  Almost everyone, including my wife, has an opinion on both Robert Mueller and his recently concluded investigation.  Here’s mine!

1st - I believe Robert Mueller is an honest investigator.  He has a solid history in the Justice Department under several administrations on both sides of the aisle.  This does not mean he walks on water and never appoints biased or incompetent people to work for him.  That can happen to anyone even with vetting and obviously, it happened to him.  His organization had leaks and other serious problems as well over the course of his 2 year investigation but, I still believe he approached his assignment with integrity.

2nd – After almost 2 years and between 25 and 35 million dollars in cost, the target of his efforts, President Trump, remains unindicted, i.e., no charges filed against him for obstruction of justice or collusion with a foreign power to swing the 2016 Presidential election.  This outcome has disappointed the Democrats and their supporting associates in the media equally as much as it has overjoyed Trump’s supporters. 

3rd – The Democrats will continue to pursue this but, the fire has pretty much gone out and they’ll be forced to redirect their 2020 election efforts to meatier subjects such as the economy, wages, environment etc.  The Republicans will also try to initiate investigations into the anti-Trump bias at the FBI that was unearthed by Mueller’s own investigation.

4th – The DNC and Hillary’s campaign funding of the Steele dossier that triggered the whole mess was a dirty trick of the 1st water on a par with Nixon’s infamous Watergate affair.  However, although Hillary and Obama’s party is at fault, I don’t believe that John McCain did anything wrong by turning the dossier over to the FBI once it was presented to him even though this puts me at odds with the President.  What else was McCain to do with it?  He couldn’t turn it over to Trump and he couldn’t in good conscience throw it away and he couldn’t pursue an investigation on his own to determine if the dossier was valid or a scam.  Even though some politicians and media will drag this out I believe we’ve finally seen the end of the whole affair and can move on to the Next Distraction where they can ‘Twist the Rules’!

     The Jussie Smollett Affair!  This story appears to have no end in sight.  It began with the actor, Smollett, claiming he was attacked by 2 white men wearing MAGA hats who then heaped racial and gay slurs at him before pouring bleach on him and putting a noose around his neck.  The media and those in the entertainment industry immediately rose united in rage at the evil white Trump supporters as they typically rushed to judgment just as they have in similar cases in the past.  Facts?  We don’t have time for Facts – We’ve got our Opinions and the media is on our side!

     Once again, just as it has in so many other incidents, Smollet’s story began to unravel once the Chicago Police Department began to question him and to obtain physical evidence.  As each new piece of evidence came into view the story evolved into one where a black actor tried to milk sympathy by playing the role of a victim even though he was the guilty one!  His motive was to obtain more pay for his role on a show while picking, what he thought, were believable scapegoats – White Trump supporters!  Racism anyone?

     Thanks to the hard work of Chicago’s detectives, we soon discovered that Smollett had hired two black actor friends to dress in hoodies and wear MAGA hats while pretending to attack him with bleach and a rope he had purchased himself from a local hardware store.  Even as he was being charged with 16 felony counts of falsely reporting a hate crime he was still being defended by the left and most of the media.  Obviously the real story didn’t fit their prejudicial view of Trump supporters so they tried to suppress it.  Biased reporting anyone?

     The saddest part of the story was the sudden deal just made by the Chicago Prosecuting Attorney’s office to drop all charges in return for 16 hrs of Community Service at Jesse Jackson’s office (LOL) and the forfeiture of the $10,000 bond Without Even Obtaining His Admission of Guilt!  Wow!  This action by Cook County’s Prosecutor, Kim Foxx’s office, has enraged the Mayor of Chicago and its police department.  Of special note is the association of Obama underlings and Democrats with the “white wash” along with hints of funding from George Soros. 

     The latest development is that the FBI has now picked up the case and we’ll see if they will ‘Twist the Rules’ along party lines as they’ve done in the past!

End of rant.  Have a blessed day.