Dear Editor,

I was doing well for a single mom of three until my son, Caleb, got sick. I had to quit my job to care for him. I spent more time in his classroom, requested meetings to discuss the shortage of teachers and lack of resources but my requests were always denied.

I felt like I had failed Caleb, who has severe Autism. His school said he could not hold a pencil or learn sign language. He LOVES music and I requested music classes for him but they refused saying he might disrupt classes.

I started searching and a private school caught my attention. I packed up and moved from Fayetteville to Conway to send Caleb to Compass Academy.

My morning drop off now has him jumping out waving and laughing. Every afternoon, he giggles and makes happy sounds about his day. The smile on his face makes me feel like the best mom.

Compass Academy made that change happen. He gets one-on-one attention and attends music classes. Students call him by name and he was invited to a friend’s birthday party for the first time! He has a place to belong.

Without the Succeed Scholarship, I cannot send him to Compass. Please help kids get the education they deserve.

Demetrea Walker