Opposing Sept. 2 editorial

I would like to present an opposing view of your Sept. 2 editorial.

The Reinvest Conway group is aligned with the BLM movement, a Marxist group dedicated to abolishing all police. They were acting within their constitutional rights as long as their actions remained peaceful. Unfortunately in many other cities this movement has looted and burned businesses, injured police, and created general havoc.

The “second group” as you referred to them, were also acting within their constitutional rights. You point out that few had semi-automatic weapons. Either your knowledge of firearms is limited, or you were trying to sensationalize your position. Most modern firearms are in fact semi-automatic. Single-shot guns pretty much disappeared many years ago. Unfortunately the press likes to use the term “semi-automatic” knowing the uninformed public will be confused into thinking the subject firearm is actually an “automatic” or “machine gun.”

It should be noted that right-wing groups including the Arkansas Patriots did not become active in these counter protests until the liberal mayors of Portland, Minneapolis, and other cities failed to protect their communities and enforce law and order. It is not hard to understand why the counter protests are happening. In addition that is why gun sales are at an all time high.

I am as bothered as anyone by the current events. The problems are deeper than either side is willing to admit and both sides refuse to clean up their own mess. There is plenty of hypocrisy to go around.

Milton Bland


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