Cleburne County Shooting Sports, Inc. junior team competed against approximately 180 other youth in the Arkansas Youth Hunter’s Education Challenge (AR YHEC) June 7-9 at the C.A. Vines Center in Little Rock. Delacey Kell, Kyler Phillips, Tommy Stogsdill, Casey Wortham and Kaylee Wortham make up the junior team. This team placed third in Archery, Muzzleloader, Shotgun and Safety Trail. Kyler Phillips placed third overall in Archery. Delacey Kell took first place overall in Muzzleloader. Jacob Stogsdill also competed as a junior individual and Troy Mabie and Jeffrey Phillips competed as senior individuals. Team was coached by David Stogsdill, Terry Phillips and Tammy Kell (not pictured.) Arkansas YHEC has eight competitive events to be finished in three days. The four shooting events are Archery 3-D targets (30 targets), Muzzleloader metal knock-down targets (15 targets), Shotgun sporting clays (30 shots), and .22 Rifle metal knock-down targets (30 shots). The four responsibility events are Responsibility Exam (a 60-question test), Safety Trail (a 20-station, pre-determined trail, designed to simulate actual hunting conditions and situations), Compass/Orienteering (a written test and a field compass skills course), and Wildlife Identification (30-station course designed to simulate actual North America wildlife-sign encountered while outdoors including animal mount, head, wing, foot, fur, feather, skull, track and scat. Cleburne County Shooting Sports, Inc. competition fees were paid by a grant from the Friends of the NRA. If you would like more information about Cleburne County Shooting Sports, Inc., please contact us at or call David Stogsdill at 501-207-2614 or Terry Phillips at 501-250-3183. Our program is for youth ages 9-18 years old.