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The Heber Springs Panthers fell to the Pottsville Apaches Tuesday night 63-39. The Lady Panthers fell 65-43 to the Lady Apaches.

The Heber Springs Panthers and Lady Panthers hosted the Pottsville Apaches and Lady Apaches Tuesday evening.

This was the final home game of the season for the Panthers.

The Lady Apaches beat the Lady Panthers 65-43, while the Apaches took down the Panthers 63-39.

In the opening contest the Lady Apaches (8-7, 5-3) and the Lady Panthers (5-14, 0-9) both traded baskets, leads, and ties in the opening frame.

Senior Lady Apache Kimbra Rhodes got hot from the three point line and sunk four from beyond the arc. She finished with 12 points all coming in the first quarter.

The Lady Apaches came out with a 20-15 advantage after a high scoring first quarter from both teams.

The second quarter is when the Lady Apaches separated themselves from the Lady Panthers. Pottsville put up 20 points, just like they did in the first. The Lady Panthers only put up six points. Their first points came in at the 4:54 mark.

The Lady Apaches gained a 20 point lead early in the second half. However the Lady Panthers quickly cut it back under that mark.

In the final quarter the Lady Panthers started out with an 8-0 run that forced a Pottsville timeout. The Lady Panthers went on to score two more points after the timeout to make it a 53-39 game. This was as close as Heber Springs would come to Pottsville’s lead.

Lindsay Aday led the Lady Apaches in scoring with 13 points on the night.

Ellie Riddle was the leading scorer for the Lady Panthers totaling 18 points. Jaylea Hooten chipped in with 14.

The boy’s contest was controlled by the Apaches (12-8, 7-4) from buzzer to buzzer.

Pottsville opened the game with an 8-0 run. They scored 18 points in the first four minutes. The Panthers (0-22, 0-12) went on their own run late in the quarter to make it 18-9 at the end of one.

The Apaches scored first in the second to push their lead to double digits.

The Panthers did not score until the 2:59 mark in the quarter. However, they still managed to cut their deficit to just seven at the break.

The third quarter was similar to the second. The Apaches got a double digit lead and the Panthers did not score their first points until late. This time the Panthers faced a 17 Apache advantage headed into the fourth.

Pottsville pushed their lead to 20 points midway through the final quarter. A couple of minutes later, substitutes from both squads made their way onto the court.

Trevor Curtis Lyles led the Apaches in scoring with 16 points. Matthew Moore followed closely behind with 15. Zach Byrum had 12 points all coming from beyond the arc and all coming from the first half.

Connor Riddle and Parker Brown both led the Panthers in scoring with 12 points each.

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