Over the past year or so, I’ve wanted to get into a couple of different sports – hockey and boxing.

I’ve liked hockey for a while, but I’d say I am way more a casual fan about hockey than passionate like I am with baseball, basketball and football.

But boxing is something that I’ve never really taken the time to get into.

At the beginning of the 2010s, I was really into mixed martial arts.

A couple friends and I watched it all the time, but I sparingly see one of those friends in passing and the other friend and I never talk about MMA.

So, because of that, my interest in MMA has wavered over the years.

I think it is also partially because I really enjoy the standup and striking components of MMA fights.

Submissions are fun occasionally, but when a fight goes to the ground, I lose interest, especially if there is little happening once the fighters are on the ground.

Which is a big reason why boxing has been enticing to me.

I’ve also been drawn to boxing by watching the Creed movies, which follows Apollo Creed’s son Adonis Creed as he is drawing out his boxing career after Apollo died in Rocky IV.

I’ve watched most of the Rocky movies, but for some reason, both Creed movies have captured my desire to learn more about boxing.

So much so, that I’ve recently purchased a heavy bag as a way to learn more about the sport and get in better shape.

I’ve stopped to watch a boxing match when passing through channels, but it’s not something I watch with regularity, and truthfully, it may never do that.

That’s not because I find boxing boring, it’s just that boxing is in an odd position.

Every so often, I’ll watch YouTube videos by this guy Adam Buckley, who claims he is an angry Canadian comedian.

He has content ranging from politics to music to sports, where he is essentially a rant comedian where he picks out a topic and talks about the flaws in whatever the topic may be.

And, I must throw this out in case one goes searching for his videos, he does have some colorful language.

Anyway, he uploaded a video on Sept. 16, where the first words of the video after he promoted his content was about how boxing has become a joke.

He says boxing has gotten this way because of corruption as well as horrible promotion.

The point about his video wasn’t about corruption, but the promotion aspect of boxing.

He backs it up by saying that if someone could name three champions across the professional ranks, he’d be impressed.

Why? Because he says the public hears about one fight per year and it is some side show act like the Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor fight from a couple of years ago along with the more recent Mike Tyson/Roy Jones Jr. fight.

He also goes on to say that celebrity boxing has in some ways been elevated more than professional boxing.

He makes the argument as to why that is horrible because we wouldn’t watch amateurs play hockey, basketball or football, but when there is a celebrity fight, it gains more traction than a professional fight.

If you start to pay attention to what fights have occurred in the past several years between professional bouts and celebrity bouts, I’d probably say I’ve seen more promotion for celebrity fights.

I remember the promotion for McGregor/Mayweather was everywhere. YouTube celebrity Logan Paul fighting a fellow YouTuber was highly promoted.

The Tyson/Jones Jr. fight was heavily promoted, and following that card, Logan Paul’s brother Jake’s fight with former NBA point guard Nate Robinson was talked about heavily.

Over the past year, the only professional fight card I saw promoted was the one where Jermall and Jermell Charlo were co-main eventing.

I honestly couldn’t name who they were fighting, nor could I name Canelo Alvarez’s opponent from his most recent fight before I looked it up.

Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua are talking about relinquishing their belts to fight each other, which I would have never known had I not decided to follow boxing on Bleacher Report.

I’ve talked in previous columns about the MLB’s lack of promotion for its biggest stars and the game of baseball itself.

I’d hate to see boxing be relegated to celebrity fights because the professional ranks can’t pull in the casual fans.

But, it seems it’s headed down that path anyway.

Andy Robertson is the sports editor of the Log Cabin


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