The youth deer season was a success for most of the kiddos participating by all accounts. Activity was high, but storms kept a few people from participating as much as they would like.

This is exactly what the Special Youth Modern Gun Hunt is all about. It provides youth fifteen years of age and younger an opportunity to get a jump on the “big kids” before we start hunting in earnest.

It is also a great opportunity for the adults to share a little hunting knowledge, wisdom and expertise, and pass it on to the next generation of hunters. The majority of adult hunters relish the chance to spend time with their children and grandchildren and to see them be successful in the field.

If you have paid any attention since about last Thursday, hunter movement has been extremely high on area roadways as truck after truck pulling campers and ATVs have been heading out for the most anticipated hunting week of the year.

This is the week that over 400,000 people plan their vacations and take to the Arkansas outdoors for great times with friends and family and of course in pursuit of the elusive white tail deer.

Years ago, elusive might be an appropriate term but fast forward to deer 2022 and Arkansas has one of the most plentiful and thriving deer herds in the country. Folks on area roadways can attest to this as once fall arrives it is quite common to see some of these deer up close and personal.

As for this season all signs are pointing toward an awesome gun deer season in Arkansas. Some much needed rainfall, and quickly approaching cooler temperatures, will most definitely improve hunting conditions, which will be a welcomed sight for all hunters.

The past several opening weekends, hunters have had to deal with dry and occasionally warm conditions for the majority of the hunt. Although last year’s hunt did turn out quite nice as the season progressed, my most vivid memory last year was the sheer abundance of deer throughout the state and the thousands and thousands of geese which were headed south as we approached the Thanksgiving holiday.

The approaching cooler temperatures should put deer activity near a peak right on cue. Buck sign was prevalent throughout the deer woods weeks ago and now the rut seems to be nearing full swing throughout the northern half of the state.

The deer herd in the northern part of Arkansas is as strong as it has ever been and hunters with have a better than average chance to fill their freezers for the winter months.

Reports of some extremely big bucks have been circulating in certain areas for months, making the possibility of someone taking a trophy or maybe even a state record a unique possibility.

A few pictures I have seen so far once again lead me to believe that this very well could be the year we see someone bring in a new state record. For those of you with Facebook or a computer, Big Bucks of Arkansas has some amazing pictures of deer already harvested. It is a great follow and by this time next weekend it will be loaded with the harvest as some 400,000 Arkansans take to the woods for the biggest single day event in the state.

Modern gun season opened Saturday, Nov. 12 and runs through Sunday, Dec. 3.

Good luck to all of you who are participating in this major event and as always remember to stay safe when in the woods and send a me a picture of that record buck!

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