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Senior Heber Springs Panther Preston Roberson signed his letter of intent to play football with the Hendrix Warriors this fall. He will play the linebacker position.

Senior Heber Springs Panther Preston Roberson signed his letter of intent to play football at nearby Hendrix College in Conway.

The offensive lineman and linebacker inked his name Wednesday afternoon during National Signing Day in the Panther Den.

Head coach of the Panthers Todd Wood said he was “extremely proud of Preston signing. I think he will do very well there.”

Wood said “

He played both sides of the ball for us. He came to us with linebacker experience but we needed him to play on the defensive line since we were low in numbers at that position. He did it for the team and excelled at it. At the end of the season when we played some teams who primarily ran the ball we asked him to move back to linebacker and again he excelled. He did what the team asked him to do.”

Roberson said he chose Hendrix “at first because they are huge into academics. Everything I saw about Hendrix was ‘Academics, academics, academics.’ I loved that about them.” Roberson continued “Then I went on my official football visit there, and as soon as I stepped foot onto the campus, I knew that I was home and that I had to go there.”

Early in his life Roberson said he wanted to play baseball in college. “Last year I found that my true favorite sport was football,” Roberson added.

Wood said Roberson “was selected by his teammates as a captain for the team. Speaks highly of him and what he brings to a team. He has great leadership qualities and his work ethic is outstanding and contagious.”

Roberson’s favorite memory of high school football was “having lunch every day in my old defensive coordinator’s classroom, just kicking back and talking game plans.”

Now that Roberson had signed his letter, his next goal “is to study psychology to become a children’s therapist and get better at the game that I love.”

Wood said this plan to receive a degree in child psychology. is “a very genuine goal to take care of others especially children, but again that speaks highly of him.”

Roberson said the Warriors will use him at exclusively linebacker. He is unsure as to whether he will play the inside or outside position at this time.

During his 2019 campaign Roberson total 108 tackles, 53 of them were solo. He also had eight sacks.

This past season he had 78 tackles, 77 of which were solo. He also added one sack to go along with three hurries and two forced fumbles.

Wood said “we will miss his athletic ability, but his ability to lead and play for the team will be a spot we will have to work hard to fill.”

Roberson is a member of the National Society of High School Scholars.

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